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My Ultimate Blogging Goals

Although I am considered “new” to the blogging community in 2022, I have been around a lot longer than you have been aware of me- I have actually been blogging on and off since 2011.

In 2017, I officially started The Ella Eris Beauty and lifestyle blog, as well as obtaining an EIN as my intentions were to start an ecommerce business – selling makeup tools and eventually creating my own line of makeup. The intent of the blog was to begin gaining exposure and eventually start my business, praying I would be successful.

I enjoyed blogging so much, however, I never achieved as much success that I could have due to the fact that I really didn’t know how to plug my blog. I depended strictly on other WordPress bloggers as well as my own personal social media accounts for exposure.

My blogging journey ended in 2019 when I deleted all of my content. I felt like a failure, and I was embarrassed because I wasn’t able to follow through with my dreams, mentally or financially. So I decided to just get rid of all evidence that there ever was an Ella Eris Beauty in existence, and I never gave it a second thought.

Around the holidays in 2021 I started entertaining the idea of bringing Ella Eris back to life for the first time. At that point, my wedding planning was over, I was working crazy hours and I decided that I wanted to take up blogging as a hobby again – no unrealistic expectations, strictly creating content as a creative outlet.

At first, I started buying random things, self-improvement books, subscribing to various monthly beauty subscription boxes, different types of skincare and makeup, trying to lay a foundation as to what my blog was going to be about. I started writing down different ideas about things to review and share with my audience, and it became clear to me that I didn’t just want to be a beauty blogger. Of course, I love makeup, but it’s not as important to me as it once was.

I stopped religiously doing my makeup for quite some time, and I hardly had any products that were not expired at the time of starting this blog, at this point in my life my priorities had changed, I was more interested in maintaining healthy skin than painting my face. I had matured in so many ways from the time I had first started blogging until now. There were other things that were more important to me than the latest makeup products and buying a ton of makeup that I probably would never end up even using completely.

As I got to writing more and more, I found myself wanting to share more of me and who I am without the beauty products being my main focus. I wanted to turn my readers on to new things that I love, in hopes that they would find whatever I may be talking about to be as interesting as I did. I started to feel the need to be transparent about things I struggle with such as mental health, self-love, self-care, and confidence.

With the discovery that I can be more than a makeup lover and writer and start really diversifying my content, I started to realize that my blog would be more successful than if I just concentrated on one main fixture.

I have so many goals and aspirations for this blog and my brand that I want to follow through with, and I want like to share them with my audience, as being labeled as a Beauty and Lifestyle blog can be confusing for the reader when I am writing a one off post about anything other than beauty and lifestyle.

I want to create more content regarding mental health, such as suffering with body dysmorphia, coping with bipolar disorder, and share my own experiences about my own journey and what has helped to get me through some of my darkest periods. When the time is right I would like to talk about grief and the loss of my sibling, Jacob, however, I just don’t feel like I am ready yet. My hope is to put my struggles out there so that a person who may be going through or has gone through the same thing in their life knows they are not alone.

Ultimately, I want to be able to help others and support others and be a source of comfort and someone they feel they can talk to freely and share their struggles with, as sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone outside the box, even if you don’t know them or are corresponding with them via virtual platform.

I want to be able to share my world in terms of the things that I enjoy, such as music, in hopes that someone else will find joy in a band or song that they may have never even heard of in their lifetime if they hadn’t read about it in my post. I want to share my favorite books and albums, educate others about people they have never heard of, such as in my Icons & Muses Series, not only for the education aspect, but to keep the memory of those individuals long gone alive in some form. To be able to contribute, even the smallest fragment, to a person’s legacy, is of the highest forms of honor to me.

My goal as of now is to grow my blog, perfect my craft, create awesome content and network and connect with as many people as I can through various platforms. I want to subscribe to everyone’s blog, I want to follow and support everyone on their social media accounts, I want to share other writer’s work with the world and to help inspire others and give them the push of confidence they need to continue creating their content when it seems like no one is listening. I truly believe that there is a place for everyone in the blogging community as well as any other platform, you just need someone to believe in you and help you put yourself out there for the world to see.

My long term goal is to build this blog, continue to do what I love, monetize and start giving back to the community. As you may have read in my Boxycharm reviews I would like to start making donations of unopened and unused makeup, beauty tools and skin care products to local women’s shelters instead of letting it go to waste, I can give someone else an opportunity to enjoy a product that makes them feel beautiful and self-confident, that they otherwise wouldn’t have had.

Recently, I have started thinking of more ways that I could help out in areas of community outreach, such as providing donations of feminine hygiene products, self-care products, clothing, and other forms of donations to help women in need who are receiving only the basic human needs. I want to be able to form networks with brands and sponsors who are willing to aid in this type of community work. I would love to create some kind of curated special beauty box that I can deliver once a month with new products for women to try, so they can feel amazing about themselves and special while they are going through a rough patch in their lives. Likewise, I think that if I were in a difficult situation like that, it would mean a lot to me to have something that makes me feel good on the inside as well as the outside. I would also like to include some kind of activity such as a fun journal prompt book or self-help work book that is entertaining and fun as well as therapeutic in my “care packages.” I just want to give someone in need something beautiful and fun to look forward to as they work through the difficult situation life has thrown at them.

I want to build relationships with those in need and to be able to provide some kind of emotional support as well as friendships, learn their stories and possibly help them build their own platform to share their stories with others, help them to put what they are feeling into words and help them create something beautiful that they can be proud of and hopefully pass on to someone else that is just starting the journey they may know all too well.

It is my goal to start creating a business plan very soon and start the process of getting things up and running and figuring out what I have to do to make things happen. Although, I have a lot of work and research to do to be able to achieve these goals, but I do not think in any way that they are unattainable or unrealistic. As I keep working on myself, my content and connecting with others, I believe that with a lot of research, hard work, and persistence I WILL be able to achieve my goals and live out my dreams and everything will fall into place.

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New Revelations- Hair Care Ingredients

To be honest with you, I have never been a person who actually cared too much about my hair, as in products, heat styling, and over processing. I always had this logic of “it’s hair, it’ll grow back.” It wasn’t until the last year and a half that I actually put effort into growing my hair and maintaining healthy hair in preparation for my wedding.

Originally, I started this post as a cheeky New Hair Care finds to share with you. However, in good faith I found out some information regarding ingredients that are definitely in these products, and they may be doing more harm than good.

I was speaking to a family member, my husband’s cousin, who is both a cosmetologist and chemist about my blog and posting about new hair care finds, and the information she gave me was a bit mind-blowing to me and caused me some paranoia-which is warranted. She told me to avoid all shampoos and conditioners that contain silicones which result in hair follicles falling out resulting in thinner hair then everything spiraled once she looked at the ingredients of the shampoo and conditioner bottles of the product I have been using for the last 4-5 months…

  1. Decyl glucoside– produced by the reaction of glucose from corn starch with the fatty alcohol decanol which is derived from coconut. Decyl glucoside was named the Allergen of the Year by the American Contact Dermatitis Society in 2017 due to case studies that have shown reports of allergic contact dermatitis. (Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology)
  2. Tetrasodium EDTA- a chelating agent, which are used in small amounts reacting with metal ions present in hair care products or in the water, in order to improve stability or performance of the product. Tetrasodium EDTA is made from ethylenediamine, formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. (greencure)
  3. Benzoic acid- a plant based polyphenol (micronutrients naturally occurring in plants) used in hair care products such as shampoo and conditioners as well as other beauty products including foundation, facial cleanser, concealer, lipstick, moisturizer, and mascara to name a few… Benzoic acid can become carcinogenic when sodium benzoate combines with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) it can form a carcinogen called benzene. (Proactive Health Labs)

Now, I wash my hair, at max, 3 times a week, sometimes more in the summer months due to the heat. I used to be a girl who needed to wash her hair every day because it got oily quickly due to over cleansing causing me to strip the natural oils from my hair and in turn my scalp was over compensating of the lack of natural oils with even more oil. Once I started to experiment and train my hair by not washing it every single day, there was a huge difference in how long I could go without having to wash it. I stopped over brushing my hair, letting my hair air dry-all year round- and hardly ever use heat styling tools. I also stopped putting my hair high up on my head in a tight bun and started using velvet scrunchies that do not pull my hair out when I take a bun or ponytail out. This has really helped me to grow hair in areas where it was starting to get patchy due to my lack of knowledge and caring if I was damaging my hair or not. I also started to get baby hair growth, which I had never had before.

With all of my new hair growth and washing my hair less often, I noticed that A LOT more was falling out when I was showering-enough to be more than a little concerned about. I thought maybe because I don’t over brush my hair, the hair that sheds naturally wasn’t falling out and were just kind of stuck in my hair. But now, I am really starting to question and really look at the products I have been using and paying attention to their ingredients.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association:

“It’s normal to shed between 50 and 100 hairs a day. When the body sheds significantly more hairs every day, a person has excessive hair shedding.”

American Academy of Dermatology Association

The AAD goes on to say that the medical term for this condition is telogen effluvium and many people that notice excessive hair shedding a few months after a stressful event. Once your body starts to readjust after major stressors, within six to nine months your hair should regain normal fullness. However, if major stress is continuous, you will continue to shed hair excessively.

With that being said, yes, I did just get married in October 2021 and planning a wedding is beyond stressful, and post wedding was also a very stressful time. There was a death in the family, I had some major health concerns, my husband had a very bad ankle sprain, the list is endless, including the adjustment of marriage on top of it.

I also take daily prescription medications and stopped taking birth control in October-could that also be a factor?

According to Harley Street Hair Clinic, a UK based specializing in follicular transfer hair transplant technology: “Immediately after stopping birth control, it is common for a lot of hair to fall out all at once. This is due to telogen effluvium, the hormonal stress of coming off the pill. As the hormones return to their original levels, this can cause a mass shedding of the hair, which will enter back into the growing phase soon after.”

Harley Street Hair Clinic

HOWEVER, they follow up the statement above with: “It is important to note that most women will not experience any hair loss after stopping birth control medication.

In conclusion, I really don’t know what course of action to take with this new information given to me- should I speak to a dermatologist? Should I toss the new products I purchased and replace them with shampoos and conditioners with organic ingredients?

Do you guys check for certain ingredients in your hair care products? Do you have any suggestions on organic products I should try and or any other advice? Please leave me a comment with any suggestions, advice or tips, I would highly appreciate it!

Resources for ingredient hazards:

  1. EWG’s Skin Deep
  2. Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
  3. Cosdna

Shout out to cousin Theresa for informing me and shedding light on this area of concern! XOXO

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Testing Olly Vitamins- “Beauty From The Inside Out?”

Any time I have seen them in the store, Olly Vitamins have always caught my eye- from the logo to the packaging and the bright colors I was immediately drawn to them, yet never actually tried them.

For the New Year I wanted to try and implement vitamins into my daily health regimen instead of just adding collagen powder into my coffee, taking cranberry pills, and my daily medications. I started really looking into the Olly Vitamins line to see what they had to offer and I was quite pleased. I went back and forth on where to find them for the best price, if I should order them online or get them in store, etc. After visiting a Walgreens, only to find they had one out of the four vitamins I was looking for I decided to purchase them on Amazon- Olly Amazon Store.

Here’s what I got:

OLLY- The Perfect Women’s Multi

“You’re one busy lady, doing all the amazing things that make you, you. Well, here’s a multi that can keep up. It’s packed with essential nutrients to nourish you daily, so you can keep doing your thing.”

Olly Official Website The Perfect Women’s Multi

Supplement Facts

  • 450mcg Vitamin A (as retinyl palmitate)
  • 45mcg Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)
  • 20mcg Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol)
  • 15mg Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl acetate)
  • 0.12mg Thiamin (Vitamin B1) (as thiamin hydrochloride)
  • 0.13mg Riboflavin (vitamin B2)
  • 8mg Niacin (as niacinamide)
  • 1.7 mg Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride)
  • 400mcg DFE (240 mcg folic acid) Folate
  • 6mcg Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)
  • 150mcg Biotin (as D-biotin)
  • 5mg Pantothenic Acid (as calcium-D pantothenate)
  • 100mg Calcium (as tricalcium phosphate)
  • 46mg Phosphorus (as tricalcium phosphate)
  • 150mcg Iodine (as potassium iodide)
  • 2.5mg Zinc
  • 14mcg Selenium (as selenomethionine)
  • 17.5 Chromium (as chromium nicotinate)
  • 500mcg Boron (as boron citrate)

OLLY- Undeniable Beauty

“Oh, you pretty thing. These delicious little beauties are packed with the perfect blend of active ingredients to help keep your hair and nails in tip-top shape, and you shining bright.*”

Olly Official Website Undeniable Beauty

Supplement Facts

  • 15mg Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)
  • 7.5mg Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl acetate)
  • 2500mcg Biotin (as D-biotin)
  • 50mg Keratin (solubilized)

OLLY- Flawless Complexion

“Let’s make a few things clear. This potent little gummy is packed with purifying antioxidants and minerals that get right to the source to support a clear complexion from the inside out.*”

Olly Official Website Flawless Complexion

Supplement Facts

  • 300mcg Vitamin A (as retinyl palmitate)
  • 25 mcg Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol)
  • 10mg Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl acetate)
  • 4mg Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride)
  • 5mg Zinc (as zinc citrate)
  • 75mcg Selenium (as selenomethionine)
  • 200mcg Chromium (as chromium picolinate)
  • 25mg Spearmint Extract (aerial parts)
  • 25mg Aronia Extract (Aronia melanocarpa, berry)
  • 25mg Dandelion Extract (root)
OLLY- Bedtime Beauty

“Goodnight, gorgeous. This little overachiever pairs a gentle sleep blend with beauty-boosting hydration to help you wake up looking and feeling refreshed.*”

Olly Official Website Bedtime Beauty

Supplement Facts

  1. 100mg L-Theanine
  2. 0.3mg Melatonin
  3. 17mg Chamomile Extract (flower)
  4. 17mg Passionflower Extract (aerial parts)
  5. 16mg Lemon Balm Extract (aerial parts)
  6. 70mg Plant Ceramide Complex (from wheat Triticum vulgare) seed oil extract)

My plan for taking these vitamins will be: taking the Women’s Perfect Multi in the morning and the Bedtime Beauty at night and rotate between the Flawless Complexion and Undeniable Beauty.

I cannot wait to start these vitamins tomorrow and see if I get any noticeable results!

I will be taking a photo day one, checking in after 1 week, and 1 month to see if there are any noticeable differences in my skin as well as if I have any side effects from the vitamins. Stay tuned!

If you have tried any of the Olly Vitamins listed above and have had any positive or negative reviews, leave me a comment and let me know!

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Welcome, everyone, to Ella Eris Beauty- a lifestyle and beauty blog! I am so glad we have found each other!

I initially started Ella Eris Beauty back in 2018 with high hopes and big dreams. Ultimately, and unfortunately, I decided after almost a year to close up shop. I had no clue where my life was headed and thought that maybe my aspirations were more than I could handle at that particular time in my life. My mental health and personal life was in a very rough spot, so I decided, over everything, that I needed to put my hopes and dreams behind me and focus on my career and wellbeing.

After closing up shop I always thought about what I had left behind, a constructive outlet, my creative process, my sense of pride and accomplishment that blogging had given me. It was more than just a pastime project, it was an actual passion project that I left behind in the dust… It was only on a whim one day that I considered giving blogging another shot. Easily, I could have taken to more popular platforms such as YouTube or TikTok, but I feel as though the communities on those platforms can be so toxic. The blogging community feels like such a more open and inviting place, based on my experience, and jives better with my vibe all together.

This time around, I plan to focus on creating content that is more valuable than just makeup and beauty related tips and advice. Even though my blog is Ella Eris Beauty, suggesting that beauty is the only topic I will be focusing on isn’t the case at all. Overall, I want this to be a safe environment where I can share my own struggles with confidence, self-care, mental health, and much more with all of you.

I have so many great things to share with all of you and I can’t wait for your feedback and suggestions as I am always open to them. I hope 2022 brings us all the things our heart desire, and that we can all put aside a few minutes of our hectic lives to take care of ourselves.