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My Favorite Soap & Glory Products

I couldn’t even begin to tell you when I discovered Soap & Glory Products, I remember initially seeing this brand at Walgreens and Target and was drawn to their cute packaging and clever product names-however, it took me awhile to catch on to how good their products actually are.

I was looking for a highly rated face wash that would be my “go to” around 2016 or so, and everything I researched kept bringing me back to the Face Soap and Clarity Face Wash. It was a bit pricey for me at the time $12.00 (which strangely, the price has remained the same to this day) but I decided to invest and give it a whirl. Within a few weeks I was hooked, and I have been ever since.

After using the Face Soap and Clarity Face Wash, I started to notice the brand a bit more. The next Soap & Glory product I purchased was the Smoothie Star Body Butter, which I was introduced to in a Tati Westbrook video on YouTube- and no one is going to not try something affordable that the self-proclaimed “Glam Life Guru” suggests, so I went out and bought it.

My collection and interest in the brand spiraled from there and now here I am, years later, still not disappointed in what Soap & Glory has to offer. Yes, there have been some flops on my behalf-products that just haven’t worked for me, but the consistency with this brand has been impeccable, and I plan to continue buying their brand for years to come.

I would like to share with you the products that I have continuously bought over and over and some new ones that I have discovered recently, I highly suggest if you are interested in this brand to try it out and see what you think for yourselves!

Skin Care

  1. No Clogs Allowed Deep Pore Clearing Mask: $10.99 – This is a new product to me and I have to say I do like it! The consistency kind of feels like a silicone base and warms up on your skin after application. It does feel as though I have seen a difference in the pores on my nose as well as chin area. Overall, I like this product a lot!
  2. Scrub Your Nose In It Two-Minute T-Zone Detox Scrub: $12.00 – Imagine a putty like AJAX powder cleaner on your face, same smell, and gritty, but not damaging. This product is super refreshing on your T-Zone and whole face, and it really gives nice and polished fresh face when used.
  3. Face Soap & Clarity Vitamin C Facial Wash: $12.00 – My absolute favorite face wash of all time, it is super refreshing, clarifying, brightening and does not dry out my skin. I have been using this product for years, and it has never failed me. It is for all skin types, so I highly suggest picking up a bottle and trying it out for yourself!

Body Care

  1. Buff and Ready Coconut Body Scrub: $13.99 – I absolutely love all things coconut scented, so of course I had to pick this up when I first saw it on the shelves. The grit of this body scrub is low, so it definitely does not dry out your skin or cause further damage. My skin is extremely smooth after every use. It is the perfect body scrub to use prior to shaving as well.
  2. Scrub For Joy Body Polish: $11.99 – I like this body scrub, however, I do not like it as much as the Buff and Ready Coconut Body Scrub. This scrub certainly has a thicker and grittier consistency. If you need a good exfoliation, this is a great product, but it is not something I would suggest using multiple times a week, especially if you are prone to dry skin.
  3. Smoothie Star Lightly Whipped Body Buttercream: $15.00 – Okay, this is my favorite body lotion of all time. It is thick without being too thick, it doesn’t just sit on top of the skin and feel greasy, it does not contain as much alcohol as other scented body lotions and always instantly hydrates my skin. The smell is delicious, however, it lingers all day long, so if that is something that bothers you, keep that into consideration prior to purchasing.
  1. Hand Food Hand Cream: $8.00 – The Hand Food Hand Cream is a new product to me, I actually only tried it for the first time last winter. I was definitely sleeping on this hand cream! I rarely even like to use hand cream as it always leaves my hands feeling greasy and gross-not this one. The lotion soaks right into the skin and damages dried and chapped hands quickly, which is exactly the kind of hand lotion I need living in the Midwest during the winter time.
  2. Heel Genius Foot Cream: $10.00 – Heel Genius Foot Cream is also new to me! I purchased it for the first time over the summer as a recommendation from my friend, who knows I absolutely love Soap & Glory products. My heels were extremely dry due to pedicures and wearing sandals- I used this after showering and immediately put socks on and the next day my heels were as good as new!

Face Products

  1. One Heck Of A Blot Instant Perfecting Primer: $14.00 – One of my biggest complaints about applying foundation is being able to see my pores-of course the best way to fix that is with a great primer. One Heck Of A Blot is an amazing product to help achieve that flawless foundation application, does not leave your skin oily, and increases the longevity of your makeup. If you have oily skin
  2. Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL- Extreme Volume Gloss – This is an awesome moisturizing plumping lip gloss! A lot of lip plumpers seem to leave my lips dry, chapped, and on fire-not this one. I used this constantly after getting lip fillers as it was super soothing and has a nice thick consistency without being too thick.

Newest Soap & Glory Purchases

  1. In The Bright Of Day Vitamin C Gel Cream: $13.99 – I’ve used this gel cream twice now and so far so good, no complaints. I haven’t used it consistently enough to say whether I see any type of results, but I will definitely keep you all posted if I do!
  2. The Fab Pore 3 -in- 1 Oil Control Serum: $18.00 – Honestly, I just received this product from a Target order last week and have yet to try it, so I can’t really give an opinion / review. Sorry guys! If it turns out to be great, I’ll feature it in a future post! đŸ™‚
  3. Thirst Aid Hydrating Aqua Gel: $13.99 – Living in the Midwest during the winter, one’s skin tends to take a beating. I am always on the hunt for different moisturizers- and I am going to be honest, this isn’t the one for me, and I am kind of bummed about it. It left my face feeling sticky- I used it 2 different times trying to make myself like it and… I just can’t.

Soap & Glory products can be found at:

  1. Target
  2. Ulta
  3. Walgreens
  4. Soap and Glory US website
  5. Soap and Glory UK website

Depending on where you purchase Soap & Glory products, prices will vary. Different stores may have different promotions going on at any given time such as buy one, get one 50% off or the Soap & Glory USA/UK websites have may have promo codes running as well.

Do any of you like Soap & Glory products as much as I do? What are your favorite products? Are there any products you have used that I haven’t mentioned that you recommend I try? Let me know in the comments!

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10 Products That Have Never Failed Me

We all have those products we reach for and replace constantly, knowing that they never fail us- these are my ten ride or die, affordable, drug store products that I have been using for the past decade (or more) that have yet to fail me:

Revlon Color Stay 24 Hour Foundation:

I have tried so many foundations in my lifetime, but Revlon Color Stay Foundation is my ABSOLUTE number one go to. This is one product I have never ceased to keep repurchasing. It goes on like an absolute dream, is perfect for my combination dry/oily skin, and never breaks down on me around my nose or T zone area. It is so easy to work with and paired with a great powder, you have an amazing combination that is affordable, works well, and will last you well into the night.

L’OrĂ©al Paris True Match Super-Blendable Powder:

L’OrĂ©al understood the assignment when creating this pressed powder. It is super full coverage-which is one of the main things that I look for when choosing products. You can apply this to your skin as is or pair it with a foundation, either way you will get a silky smooth look that isn’t cakey. You can also build this powder up to conceal dark under eyes and look like you have a full face of powder and foundation. It is beautiful when paired with the Revlon Color Stay 24 hour foundation, creating a bulletproof combination for your foundation.

Garnier Skin Active Clearly Brighter Sunscreen Anti-Sun Damage Daily Moisturizer:

The first time I ever tried this product was in 2016 Beautycon x Candee Johnson box and I have been OBSESSED ever since. Back then, my skin was super oily, and I was very hesitant to even use a moisturizer if I didn’t have the absolute dire need to. I felt as though all moisturizers just sat on top of my skin, making it even oilier, and I couldn’t find the right product to fit my skin care needs. I was even hesitant to try this product after receiving it, and I remember it sitting around for quite some time until I actually tried it. I found that it was lightweight and absorbed right into my skin with little effort, and was not in the least bit oily. I was super bummed because I thought that Garnier stopped making this product because I could no longer find it- I did an Amazon search and ordered what I thought was comparable to the original product. Turns out they had just changed the packaging, and I am one happy girl once more!

Garnier Skin Active Clearly Brighter Anti-Puff Eye Roller:

Dark, tired, under eye circles seem to run in the family, my dad, brother, and I all have the same problem, we look like we haven’t slept in days. During preparation for my wedding I tried numerous under eye creams, serums, and products to try and get rid of these dark circles, this one does the trick. I put it on under my eyes every night, faithfully, and it has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the dark under eye circles. A good tip is to put it in a cool spot, such as a skin care fridge, and it feels so refreshing upon application. This product also lasts a very long time and is a great value for the price.

L’OrĂ©al Paris Voluminous Original Mascara:

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love trying new mascaras, however, the L’OrĂ©al Paris Voluminous Original is my number one go to. Any time I am in need of a new mascara, I find myself repurchasing this one. Not only does it give my lashes the volume boost I need, it is never flaky or clumpy, and the applicator is a dream, not too big, not too small, and packed with just the right amount of product. I have never experienced any smearing with this mascara, and the longevity of the wear time is incredible for a drug store product.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Multi-Use Concealer: I was first turned on to this product by YouTuber Tati Westbrook. The sponge applicator is amazing and goes on flawlessly. The right about of product comes out every time and the sponge never dries up or gets crusty. I have also seen many tutorials of people using this product in darker shades for easy contour as well. You can just dot it on your face (kind of like a bingo stamp) and blend it into your foundation. I have not used this for contour myself, however, I do plan to try it!

GlamGlow Supertoner: I am finding the older I get, my skin care needs have changed. What was once oily skin has now turned into dry and sometimes combination skin, and the GlamGlow products I used to love, such as the Supermud and the Youthmud masks, are just too harsh on my skin. The one product I have continued to replenish in my skin care stock is, however, the Supertoner. As with all GlamGlow products, they tend to be on the pricey side and the Supertoner is no exception, however, it works SO WELL, it is worth the price. It is described on the GlamGlow website as “An exfoliating acid and activated charcoal toner for acne-prone skin that instantly clarifies and unclogs pores for visibly clearer, smoother and more radiant skin.” I put this on to a cotton square and my face instantly feels minty, cool, and refreshed. This toner will get even the toughest bits of makeup and oil off of your face after a night out, even when you have used a makeup wipe and remover. Highly recommended!

No7 Radiance+ Daily Energising Exfoliating Cleanser: First, let me say that any of the products in the No7 Radiance+ line are amazing, but this one is a gem. This face wash is gentle while still exfoliating, smells like oranges, and leaves your skin looking brighter and smooth with a wonderful, refreshing clean feeling. Many exfoliating face washes feel as though you’ve completely stripped your skin, and the fragrance leaves your face feeling dry and tight-not this one. I switch up face washes regularly, according to my needs, and this one always remains in my arsenal.

Soap & Glory Face Soap and Clarity Vitamin C Facial Wash: I have been using this product for the past seven years and I don’t know that I will ever stop! This is my everyday, go to, face wash, and I had used it exclusively for many years. This product has been a game changer for me. The scent is so clean, the exfoliating beads are not too harsh, and it gives your face a cool and minty tingle after use. I have never experienced dryness or excessive oil production after use, and the value for the cost is amazing-this product lasts a very long time. If you are in the market for a go to, every day, face wash, I highly recommend going to your local Target or Walgreens and picking up a bottle. IT IS A GAME CHANGER.

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Lightly Whipped Body Buttercream: This body butter will always be my number one go to body lotion. I have completely outgrown lotions that are too fragranced leaving your skin dry and parched. This body butter cream is thick, yet settles into the skin quickly, is not oily, and leaves your skin moisturized and feeling quenched. The smell is AMAZING, however, lasts ALL DAY, so if that is something you are sensitive to, I would advise you to buy with caution. However, the fragrance does not have the drying effect that body lotions such as Bath and Body Works products have due to the amount of alcohol used in production. Overall, the results are instant, and this product is a win in my book!

What are some of your ride or die products? Do you love or hate any of the products listed above? Recommendations? Leave them in the comments section, I would love to hear from you!