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Writing about what I love, hoping to inspire others to try new things, educate on topics I am interested in and passionate about and hoping you find them as intriguing as I do. Welcome!

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Ella Eris Beauty & Lifestyle Blog is a passion project that started back in 2017. Strictly as “Beauty Blog” at its inception, my blog, and its content has grown with me and my ever-changing interests. From true crime, books, podcasts, beauty products, career advice, wedding planning, there’s always a little something that will spark your interest. Much more than a beauty blog, with a little glimpse into my world. Welcome!


I have always lived with the intent of being an open book in hopes that my experiences, the good, the bad, and …


What I need you to know about my blogging goals...


The Illusion Of Perfection - Why I Had To Delete TikTok For My Own Mental Health.


My favorite things that make me feel boujee while still on a budget!

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