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My Hair Is Falling Out?!- An Unwarranted Hair Care Journey

Ever since the holidays ended, I have been completely drained of all energy. I wake up, work until about noon, take a lunch nap, finish my shift, sleep for 3-4 hours, then go to bed.

Prior to this past weekend, I hadn’t left the house in almost two weeks-my body just could not handle anything more than the basic essential tasks I needed to do during my waking hours.

I thought, maybe I should just bite the bullet and let my body get the rest it needs without fighting it and forcing myself to do things I just physically could not do…

So, I slept and slept and slept some more- and I STILL continued to be lethargic and overly exhausted to the point of only being able to get through the work day with not one ounce of energy left to give once I was done.

I thought- “Maybe I am just run down?” Then I would think- “Okay, it’s got to be COVID” but then, I would start to feel better again and just fall right back down into the same lethargic hole I’d been trying to dig myself out of.

THEN, I realized how much hair was falling out of my head…

I had started to notice I was losing more hair than usual during the last 3-4 months prior to the wedding and, honestly, I didn’t think much of it.

During the time I had just started a new job, working from home, and with the wedding so close I really didn’t find it too concerning and ultimately, chalked it up to stress.

So here I am, nearly four months post wedding and my hair is continuing to fall out at an alarming rate-not to any point where I see any signs of patches missing, however, I am noticing it beginning to thin out.

I do have fine hair, but a lot of fine hair, to the point where it gets extremely bulky and heavy, at which point I know I need to get a haircut.

I am the type of person who one day realizes they need their hair cut because I can’t stand it anymore and have to get it done as soon as possible, or I am miserable…

I haven’t had a hair cut since Early November, and haven’t even entertained the idea.

Que my Hair Care Revelations Post.

How that post even came about was just chatting with my husband’s cousin who is not only a cosmetologist but also a chemist-we were catching up as we normally do, and I was telling her about starting this blog, and she was giving me some excellent recommendations on posts I could do, etc. She then proceeded to give me very alarming information on the harmful chemicals found in hair care products I was currently using! Thus, causing me to become extremely hyper aware of what I was using on my hair and just how much harm I was doing to further cause my hair to fall out, unknowingly!

So, right now I’m kind of in a messy transitional period of getting my doctor involved and switching up my hair care products- I have done both (blood draw pending).

With that being said, I wanted to share with you the latest products I have been using with my hair care routine. I haven’t seen SIGNIFICANT results yet-however, I HAVE been able to identify that quite a bit less of my hair is falling out during washing.

Hair Treatment:

Vivanaturals Organic Coconut Oil, Cold-Pressed – Natural Hair Oil

I have been using this weekly- I get my hair wet and towel dry it, then I apply a generous amount of the coconut oil all over my hair. I then put on a disposable shower cap (you can get a five pack at the Dollar Tree) and sleep with the oil in my hair overnight. Furthermore, I always make sure to throw a clean, dry, towel on my pillow case, so it doesn’t absorb any of the oil and leave a stain.

There are so many amazing benefits to using coconut oil on the hair! Please check out this Healthline article-Coconut Oil for Your Hair: Benefits, Uses, and Tips, it is packed with extremely useful information for anyone interested in using coconut oil as a hair treatment.

Cleanser and Conditioner:

After checking all the ingredients in my latest hair care haul, I found a good 90% of them were filled with the chemicals and ingredients listed in my New Revelations- Hair Care Products, What Should We Be Avoiding post.

While on an outing with my friend (Hi Cheech) we went to Ulta and did some exploring. I was getting disappointed with the products I was picking up off the shelves, not only due to their hefty price tag, but also because they had at least two or more of the ingredients I was advised to stay away from. Even a salon brand can make you think you are buying a great product that ends up destroying your hair, so it’s very important to know what you are looking to stray away from.

Somehow, we ended up in the clearance aisle and I found a brand of shampoo and conditioner called Authentic Beauty Concept, which, I had never seen before. I was surprised that it checked every box of my situations needs-the products are Vegan and registered with the Vegan SocietyTM, contains pure and simple formulas free of silicone, microplastic, mineral oil, and paraben free. They also contain mildly extracted ingredients from plants and refraining from adding harsh chemicals to their products (Authentic Beauty Concept Website-Products). It is worth noting that Authentic Beauty Concept is also cruelty-free.

Their lineup of products is very diverse, ranging from hydration, color protecting, volumizing and replenishment. They also have an ample selection of hairstyling products as well.

You can check out the numerous amounts of Authentic Beauty Concept Products here.

I do believe that Ulta is phasing out this brand in their stores, however, you can purchase it directly from the Authentic Beauty Concept website as well as Amazon. If you want to get an extremely great steal on this brand and do not want to pay upwards of $30.00 per bottle, RUN to your local Ulta Clearance aisle ASAP, as these products are currently on sale for less than $7.00 for a full sized bottle. I also was lucky enough to snag a small Replenish trial size kit with a cleanser, conditioner and hair mask for only $5.00!

Now, what I am about to share with you is something that I didn’t plan on doing when I initially started this post, however, I do think it is important to show you the progress I have been making using the products listed above.

Please be warned that if you are sensitive to hair loss, or clumps of loose hair close your eyes and keep scrolling, I apologize for the inconvenience

Top- after shower- January 22, 2022, bottom left- January 27, 2022, bottom right- February 01, 2022.

It is very difficult for me to share these photos, however, I think it is important to showcase the results of my strategy of my continuous effort to get my hair back to a healthy place.

Also note, I am taking Olly Vitamins Undeniable Beauty gummies for hair, skin, and nails as well as 3/4 of a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder Supplement for Hair, Nails, Skin and Joint Health daily, with my morning cup of coffee.

I still have to go and have my blood drawn and labs worked up to see if there is something internal going on, such as a thyroid issue or vitamin deficiency. I will keep you up-to-date on my progress as well as my results once I complete the lab draw.

Has anyone else dealt with anything similar? What have you done to help alleviate the issue? I will take any advice I can get that anyone is willing to offer!

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New Revelations- Hair Care Ingredients

To be honest with you, I have never been a person who actually cared too much about my hair, as in products, heat styling, and over processing. I always had this logic of “it’s hair, it’ll grow back.” It wasn’t until the last year and a half that I actually put effort into growing my hair and maintaining healthy hair in preparation for my wedding.

Originally, I started this post as a cheeky New Hair Care finds to share with you. However, in good faith I found out some information regarding ingredients that are definitely in these products, and they may be doing more harm than good.

I was speaking to a family member, my husband’s cousin, who is both a cosmetologist and chemist about my blog and posting about new hair care finds, and the information she gave me was a bit mind-blowing to me and caused me some paranoia-which is warranted. She told me to avoid all shampoos and conditioners that contain silicones which result in hair follicles falling out resulting in thinner hair then everything spiraled once she looked at the ingredients of the shampoo and conditioner bottles of the product I have been using for the last 4-5 months…

  1. Decyl glucoside– produced by the reaction of glucose from corn starch with the fatty alcohol decanol which is derived from coconut. Decyl glucoside was named the Allergen of the Year by the American Contact Dermatitis Society in 2017 due to case studies that have shown reports of allergic contact dermatitis. (Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology)
  2. Tetrasodium EDTA- a chelating agent, which are used in small amounts reacting with metal ions present in hair care products or in the water, in order to improve stability or performance of the product. Tetrasodium EDTA is made from ethylenediamine, formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. (greencure)
  3. Benzoic acid- a plant based polyphenol (micronutrients naturally occurring in plants) used in hair care products such as shampoo and conditioners as well as other beauty products including foundation, facial cleanser, concealer, lipstick, moisturizer, and mascara to name a few… Benzoic acid can become carcinogenic when sodium benzoate combines with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) it can form a carcinogen called benzene. (Proactive Health Labs)

Now, I wash my hair, at max, 3 times a week, sometimes more in the summer months due to the heat. I used to be a girl who needed to wash her hair every day because it got oily quickly due to over cleansing causing me to strip the natural oils from my hair and in turn my scalp was over compensating of the lack of natural oils with even more oil. Once I started to experiment and train my hair by not washing it every single day, there was a huge difference in how long I could go without having to wash it. I stopped over brushing my hair, letting my hair air dry-all year round- and hardly ever use heat styling tools. I also stopped putting my hair high up on my head in a tight bun and started using velvet scrunchies that do not pull my hair out when I take a bun or ponytail out. This has really helped me to grow hair in areas where it was starting to get patchy due to my lack of knowledge and caring if I was damaging my hair or not. I also started to get baby hair growth, which I had never had before.

With all of my new hair growth and washing my hair less often, I noticed that A LOT more was falling out when I was showering-enough to be more than a little concerned about. I thought maybe because I don’t over brush my hair, the hair that sheds naturally wasn’t falling out and were just kind of stuck in my hair. But now, I am really starting to question and really look at the products I have been using and paying attention to their ingredients.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association:

“It’s normal to shed between 50 and 100 hairs a day. When the body sheds significantly more hairs every day, a person has excessive hair shedding.”

American Academy of Dermatology Association

The AAD goes on to say that the medical term for this condition is telogen effluvium and many people that notice excessive hair shedding a few months after a stressful event. Once your body starts to readjust after major stressors, within six to nine months your hair should regain normal fullness. However, if major stress is continuous, you will continue to shed hair excessively.

With that being said, yes, I did just get married in October 2021 and planning a wedding is beyond stressful, and post wedding was also a very stressful time. There was a death in the family, I had some major health concerns, my husband had a very bad ankle sprain, the list is endless, including the adjustment of marriage on top of it.

I also take daily prescription medications and stopped taking birth control in October-could that also be a factor?

According to Harley Street Hair Clinic, a UK based specializing in follicular transfer hair transplant technology: “Immediately after stopping birth control, it is common for a lot of hair to fall out all at once. This is due to telogen effluvium, the hormonal stress of coming off the pill. As the hormones return to their original levels, this can cause a mass shedding of the hair, which will enter back into the growing phase soon after.”

Harley Street Hair Clinic

HOWEVER, they follow up the statement above with: “It is important to note that most women will not experience any hair loss after stopping birth control medication.

In conclusion, I really don’t know what course of action to take with this new information given to me- should I speak to a dermatologist? Should I toss the new products I purchased and replace them with shampoos and conditioners with organic ingredients?

Do you guys check for certain ingredients in your hair care products? Do you have any suggestions on organic products I should try and or any other advice? Please leave me a comment with any suggestions, advice or tips, I would highly appreciate it!

Resources for ingredient hazards:

  1. EWG’s Skin Deep
  2. Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
  3. Cosdna

Shout out to cousin Theresa for informing me and shedding light on this area of concern! XOXO