What Have I Been Up To?- Vintage Market Preparation

Hi everyone! I wanted to share some cool news with you all! A few weeks ago I applied to showcase and potentially sell my hand crafted work with a county Vintage Market and....I was accepted!!! The Vintage Market showcases many vendor's work, mainly crafts and antiques, in which the vendor can sell. Markets are ran [...]


Dying Hair Extensions

Dying Hair Extensions

So...I have been seriously avoiding the daunting task of dying my new hair extensions since last week when I changed my hair color up last Friday. I love the versatility of being able to play with different hair styles as well as length, therefore I bought new extensions and had to dye them to match [...]


Hi guys and gals!!! I have strayed away, unintentionally, from my scheduled posts as I have been caught up in some crafts I have been making to sell to start funding my cosmetics line. I wanted to give you all a sneak peek into what I have been making. If anyone is interested in purchasing [...]