Summer Time Mani Pedi Products

Summer Time Mani Pedi Products

You guys, I am having a real hot girl bummer with the state of my nails this summer.

It seems to be an issue with over doing it with my At Home Manicure Secrets: Long Lasting Glue On Nails routine (you can find my routine here). I have been, clearly, abusing my own system, and it has started to really take a toll on my natural nails.

To be clear, if you follow this system, please do not continuously repeat the process. In between glue on sets, give your nails some time to heal and regain strength.

The last time I applied glue on nails with my system was almost a month ago, and I knew even then that I was pushing it. The top of my nails had been filed down to nothing to that point and the glue ons, despite using my favorite nail glue, NYKI Nail Bond Brush On Glue, had even begun to fail me.

Also, of course, it never helps when you irrationally rip your glue on nails off which causing even further damage to already brittle and peeling nails, one of my many downfalls.

After looking at the damage I was causing to my natural nails, I decided to put the glue on nails away for a while and start taking better care of my natural nails- and boy, has it been a process…

Immediately, I started to clip away any peeling on my nails and started to file them. Although, there were parts of my natural nails that had been torn from my irresponsible nail removal, I tried my best to get rid of any area that was brittle and reshape my nails the best I could.

I know, I know… I should have left them to grow out naturally before I started messing with them, however, Onychotilomania (aka nail picking disorder) set in, and it made me extremely anxious to leave them in a state I was not comfortable with, especially being on camera for work meetings.

I started to utilize cuticle oil to help my poor dry, cracked, torn, peeling, bloody, brittle nails and found it helped tremendously.

One of my favorite cuticle and nail oil products is the Miss A AOA Cuticle Revitalizing Pen– it is super affordable, at just $1 USD, and can be found on the Shop Miss A website. I highly recommend checking out the Shop Miss A website, almost all items are $1-$10 USD and are of amazingly high quality.

Miss A AOA Cuticle Revitalizing Pen

I then got curious and fell down a rabbit hole on Amazon, researching nail polish that promotes nail growth. I found an extremely affordable brand – Nail Aid which had 4.5 out of 5 stars and over one hundred thousand reviews, and I knew I had to try it. I purchased the Nail-Aid Keratin 3 Day Growth Nail Treatment & Strengthener for only $3.69 USD, and I was shocked at the results. This stuff works wonders – not only did it strengthen my damaged nails, it also legitimately helped promote nail growth to the point that within three days time, as the product claims, my nails had begun growing again.

Nail-Aid Keratin 3 Day Growth Nail Treatment & Strengthener

I also recently purchased the Nail-Aid 8-in-1 Nude Manicure in the color French Sheer, and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival to put it to the test!

Nail-Aid 8-in-1 Nude Manicure French Sheer

While browsing through a local beauty supply store, I stumbled across, by far, the best nail product that has helped revitalize my nails and cuticles – the Kiss Manicovery Nail and Cuticle Repair pen. Let me tell you, this product packs a major punch when it comes to nail recovery, especially in situations such as mine.

The packaging states: “Fast absorbing serum repairs damaged nails and softens dry cuticles. Long-lasting hydration-infused with Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and Almond oil that have a powerful moisturizing and nail strengthening effect. Brush on pen designed for easy daily application on the go.”

Unlike the Shop Miss A AOA Cuticle Revitalizing Pen, the serum in the Kiss Manicovery Nail and Cuticle Repair pen, is thicker and does not run or cause your fingers to become oily. The serum stays put and absorbs quickly into your nails and cuticles, with near instant results. I highly recommend snagging this product up either on Amazon or at your local beauty supply store.

Kiss Manicovery Nail and Cuticle Repair

The next few products, perfect for summer and winter Mani’s and Pedi’s are products I have been using for a few years and highly recommend for maintaining soft hands and feet:

I, of course, love all things Soap & Glory, Hand Food and Heel Genius are no exception, these products work wonders to help achieve soft hands and feet. The formulas are lovely, not too thick, not too thin, and don’t leave your hands and feet feeling sticky or greasy after application. When I really need a good hydration boost for my hands, I will graciously apply the Soap & Glory Hand Food and throw on some latex gloves and let the goodness soak in. You can find Soap & Glory products at most Target and Walgreens stores or their website here.

Heel to Toe Feels Like New Foot Softener Intensive Care is amazing for extremely dry and cracked heels. However, please note, the formula is a very thick and oily salve best used with moisturizing gel socks for maximum absorption. You can find Heel To Toe Intensive Care at Sally Beauty stores or their website here.

I hope you enjoyed my Summer Time Mani Pedi product recommendations and will try some of these great products out for yourself! Feel free to leave me your favorite product recommendations in the comments and I will be sure to give them a try!!!

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