Your Wedding Photography Questions Answered

Your Wedding Photography Questions Answered – An Interview With Adrienne & Amber Photography

Finding a photographer for your big day is one of the most important aspects of the wedding planning process. I cannot tell you how many brides I had asked for photographer referrals, and they absolutely told me “I had a horrible experience with my photographer and I would never in good faith recommend them to anyone.”

From stories of drunken photographers, to brides not receiving photos for nearly a year after the wedding, I have to say, I was extremely hesitant and nervous about finding a photographer on my own.

At the end of December in 2020 I knew I had to start the process of blindly researching photographers and figuring out all the aspects on my own. Luckily for me, I hit the jackpot when I found Adrienne & Amber Photography.

I discovered this awesome duo while performing a Facebook search of photographers in my area. Upon finding Adrienne and Amber and looking at their beautiful work, I knew I had to reach out and see what they were all about.

What I loved most about their photography was the fact that they had a knack for taking the most beautiful candid shots capturing the most intimate moments of the most important day of a couple’s lives, which was one of the main criteria Sean and I were looking for in a photographer.

I reached out via email and within a week or so we had our first meeting with Adrienne at their studio in Royal Oak, Michigan. Immediately upon meeting Adrienne, we clicked. She was so friendly, outgoing, and made sure that we felt comfortable.

What I loved most about our first interaction was that Adrienne conducted the meeting as a casual two-way interview to ensure that we would be a good fit to work with not only her but Amber, her bestie and partner and vice versa.

I remember leaving the meeting and immediately calling everyone we knew telling them how happy and thrilled we were to have found such awesome photographers who made us feel so comfortable and assured that our photos would turn out beautifully.

From our engagement shoot to our wedding day, Adrienne and Amber were such a joy to work with, and I cannot imagine our wedding day without them. They made not only us, the bride and groom feel so comfortable, but the guests, officiants and wedding party as well. The candid approach they use captures the most gorgeous moments in time, and honestly, you hardly notice they are there shooting. It is truly amazing to look back at the photos and remember those moments that would have otherwise been lost in time.

In the spirit of wedding season, I reached out to Adrienne & Amber to ask some general questions about wedding photography for couples in the process of planning their wedding and have no idea where to start in terms of hiring a photographer. I was honestly hesitant to reach out at first due to the fact that they are constantly working, and I assumed they would be way too busy to answer some silly questions for my blog readers, however, they immediately reached out to me and said “YES!”

I am so grateful and thankful to Adrienne & Amber for taking the time out of their busy schedule to accommodate my request, and I hope you enjoy the advice from two of the most extremely talented photographers in the wedding industry.

About Adrienne & Amber

Photography Queens: Adrienne & Amber

Self-described as “soul sisters” Adrienne & Amber began their adventure together in 2002 upon graduating from the College of Creative Studies in Detroit with a Bachelors of Photography.

In Behind Adrienne & Amber {a letter from Adrienne} Adrienne further explains their friendship: “Not many people get to wake up every morning and enjoy running a wedding photography company {or any business for that matter} with their best friend… but “I do.” In fact, sometimes we are so in sync that without word from one another, we end up matching. Actually, this seems to happen more often than not.”

“We have built a team balanced by natural talent, passion and professional qualification. Every couple that we meet has their own chemistry and different set of needs. With a team as versatile, educated, and easy going as ours, catering to each couple is what we do best.”

How long have you ladies been in the wedding industry? What inspired you to get into photography?

11 years!  I’ve always been passionate about photography, ever since middle school. I remember seeing my older brother’s prints from the dark room and thinking to myself… I can’t wait to get into that class. 

At this point, how many weddings have you photographed?

Honestly!? I’d have to sit down and count! I know for sure we’ve documented at least 550 + weddings. WOWZERS! Crazy right? 

What is your wedding photography style?

We love capturing the genuine moments that are unfolding in front of us. I must admit, though, candid photos might be our specialty. I’ve had many people ask me in the past how we get such great emotion captured… My response… because we’re laughing along with our clients. Nothing is staged or too forced. 

What has been your favorite location to shoot (abroad and in the US)?

GREECE HANDS DOWN!!  FUN FACT: My beautiful mother whom I am very close with came along and made the bride’s wedding bouquet. It kind of unfolded that the mother of the bride was going to make her bouquet from her garden, but you could tell she had enough to do. My mother offered to arrange it for her and the best part was the bride was so generous she invited my mother and her bestie to the wedding. WOW, talk about hospitality!  Talk about a memory I’ll never forget. Here’s a link to behind the scene’s with A & A in Greece.

You two are a traveling duo – how far are you willing to travel?

You name it… we will be there. Some places on our bucket list… I’ll start with Amber’s first pick, IRELAND & ICELAND. I’d love to explore Italy & Thailand.  

Adrienne & Amber’s Advice To Couples

What do you find is your biggest challenge with brides and grooms to be?

My biggest challenge is couples that decide against a first look when they are having everything at one location. It’s just not ideal, it becomes rushed and chaotic, and it’s really not fun for anyone. Give your photographer time to be creative, that’s why you hired them! 

What can a couple do to help the big day go smoothly?

Hire a coordinator or a go-to person to help if things pop up! Do not involve or ask the bride any questions the day of. She doesn’t need to be making any more decisions. 

If a couple expresses they have insecurities about their bodies, smile, angles, etc. how do you help them conceal these insecurities, so they end up having the best shoot experience?

We take the time to get to know our couples in advance. This helps paint a picture of how the session is going to be, if I anticipate an ounce of anxiety I do anything to try to set the mood and bring them down a notch. We live in a world where social media has told us what we should look like. Let me tell you… IT’S NOT REAL & STOP COMPARING YOUR SELF. Take a deep breath and think about what you’re there for, focus on that, leave all those little details behind. A good photographer will find the right angles and pose you the right way to best express you. 

What if I book a photographer, and we aren’t jiving – what should I do?

You should break your contract. I would reach out to them and express your concerns and see if you can see eye to eye. Most photographers would appreciate honesty in these situations, and would prefer to part ways before the wedding date if you’re not a good fit. 

How important is a photographer / couple (bride and groom) relationship?


Lastly, what advice do you have for couples on their big day?

Stop worrying about the small details, the day has come, now enjoy the ride! 

Connect With Adrienne & Amber

I want to give a big shout-out to Adrienne and Amber for allowing me to interview them for this blog post, they are sincerely the sweetest gals ever!

If you are looking for an amazing wedding photography duo, please check them out-Adrienne & Amber Photography, Royal Oak, MI.

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