A Feminine Healthcare Journey-Resolution.

Yesterday, Tuesday, March 29, 2022, I finally had my long awaited surgery- A laparoscopy with incisions to remove my uterine cysts as well as taking a look inside my uterus to see what else was going on causing the pain and bleeding for so long.

In my last post, I mentioned prior to the surgery a blood test referred to CA125 test the standard range is <49 U/mL, my level was a reading of 102 U/mL. I messaged my doctor Monday morning to get some further answers regarding my high reading. My doctor got back with me right away and told me and explained that a level of 200 or 300 would be more related to ovarian cancer and my level of 102 was a high indication of the suspected endometriosis, which helped me breathe a little better, thankfully!

My procedure went well-my husband was told by my physician that I am in fact riddled with severe endometriosis, and lot was cut and burned out. My Fallopian tubes are very inflamed and there is an extremely low chance, well no chance, of ever having children. Both cysts were drained and sealed, so they will be unable to refill with debris or fluid. The left ovarian cyst was actually fused to my bladder, in which the doctor had to reconstruct part of my bladder wall due to the damage caused by the cyst.

I will be starting hormone blockers for six months which will be injections, 1 shot per month, so the endometriosis will subside from growing.

Today, I am very sore, in my abdomen as well as my throat as I was intubated, but other than that I am doing well.

I hope that in the future I have nothing but great updates to provide in my journey as I am now, hopefully, on the mend.

I do have a little gallery with two photos of my incisions, so please proceed with caution if you have a weak stomach for this type of imagery!

It’s honestly, not bad I promise!

Proceed With Caution

Thank you for your support, your stories of your own experiences, and I would also like to give a big fat shout out to my family, friends, and of course my husband, Sean, who have helped me though this journey. Without any of you, I don’t know where I would be. I love you all dearly.

Dedicated to:


Aunt Shell






Aunt Ellen




And of course my husband Sean

If you would like to have a cheeky little read on how we got to this point, please refer back to parts one and two of my Feminine Health Care Journey, linked below:

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  1. Amanda, continued prayers for you. I am happy to hear you are on the mend. I believe miracles do happen.

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