Makeup Bag Makeover: New Makeup Favorites

Over the last two years I have been on a makeup hiatus. I am not the kind of girl who likes or wants to do her makeup every day, I find it extremely daunting and tedious to put on a full face of makeup every single day. I have never been the type of person who cannot leave the house without a full beat and lashes on- that just not me.

I also find it extremely important that I don’t wear full makeup every day due to my skin care routine and fear that I will break out from always wearing a full face.

From being out of the makeup game for quite some time, a lot of my products were old, used up, and expired- therefore, I decided to throw it all away, start from scratch, and replace the necessities needed for a full face of makeup.

It was around this time that I decided to start subscribing again to IPSY and Boxycharm so I could try new products that I normally wouldn’t reach for at the store. Sometimes, with these subscription boxes its very hit or miss, however, you can definitely score some rare and good finds. Many times I have gotten a product, put it to the side, forgotten about it only for it to resurface and I end up using it a few months later.

Most of the makeup now in my bag is actually from those monthly subscriptions which is pretty cool. I did end up having to make a few purchases (concealer, powder, foundation), but I also incorporated items in my makeup drawer that I had never used, or used once and decided to give it another chance.

Here are my latest makeup finds and favorites in my updated and improved makeup bag:

*As always, links to each product can be found in the product photo caption*

essence HELLO GOOD STUFF! Hydrate and Plump Primer Serum:

essence HELLO GOOD STUFF! Hydrate And Plump Primer Serum

I have been wanting to try a plumping and priming serum for quite sometime, so I decided to give the essence brand a shot. I will be honest, it doesn’t do much in regards to plumping your skin but it definitely does hydrate your skin and makes it nice and tacky- perfect for priming. I have no complaints about this product at all, my makeup application went on flawlessly and lasted all day long.

L.A. Girl PRO.matte HD. high-definition long wear matte foundation:

L.A. Girl PRO.matte HD. high-definition long wear matte foundation: Beige

I absolutely love L.A. Girl products, the quality for the price point is incredible. As I have gotten older I prefer to use non mattifying foundations as my skin is maturing due to the fact that matte products tend to exaggerate wrinkles and pores and can be very drying, at least for me. However, this foundation doesn’t seem to do that for me, my skin looks flawless even though it is mattified and has a very long wear time and I didn’t find my skin getting oily or having to do many touch ups.

Beware that this is a full coverage foundation and if you prefer something lighter this is not the product for you.

In the stores the shade range display isn’t great, however, on the L.A. Girl website you can find a more extensive shade range to choose from. I will warn you that the packaging makes the product inside look much darker than it actually is, so make sure you find the correct shade that matches your skin tone carefully.

L.A. Girl Pro.Conceal HD. high-definition concealer:

L.A. Girl Pro.Conceal HD. high-definition concealer: Fairest

Another great product from L.A. Girl- the Pro.Concealer HD. high-definition concealer. I remember seeing a tweet saying this concealer can “take away your sins” and to be fair it really does. I love the brush application tip as it is super useful for carving out your brows or a quick touch up to your eyeliner. Again same rules apply as above with L.A. Girl products in store as well as the packaging. Purchase with caution.

L.A. Girl Pro.Concealer is also a full coverage product so if you prefer something lighter to conceal with I don’t suggest this product. If you are looking for a great, affordable, and effective concealer this is the perfect choice.

MAYBELLINE Fit Me Mineral Loose Finishing Powder:

MAYBELLINE Fit Me Mineral Loose Finishing Powder: Fair Light

Honestly, I haven’t ever been much of a fan of loose powders, however, I absolutely love the MAYBELLINE Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder! It is finely milled and has great coverage, whether you apply it with a brush or a beauty blender. I prefer to set my foundation with a loose powder and make sure that I really get the undereye and t-zone area set as those are the spots my makeup tends to break down the quickest.

L’Oreal Paris true match super-blendable pressed powder:

L’Oreal Paris true match super-blendable powder: N2 Classic Ivory (Neutral)

I have referenced this product once before in my “10 Products That Have Never Failed Me” post (you can find it here), and here I am still using it and talking about it. This is my all time, go to, pressed powder. It is perfect for touch ups on the go which is what I normally use it for, at any given time I will have one of these compacts in my purse when I am going out or have a full face of makeup on. Again, this product is more on the full coverage side, but it applies so flawlessly and keeps your makeup lasting all through the day.

l.ys Beauty No Limits Matte Bronzer:

l.ys Beauty No Limits Matte Bronzer: Motivate (Light)

I received the l.ys Beauty No Limits Matte Bronzer in a Boxycharm box not too long ago and I was so excited to try it. As I said I had gotten rid of pretty much all of my makeup and was in desperate need of a new bronzer. I really like this product a lot and use a dusting of it over my face to add some color and then use it for contouring. The product goes on beautifully and never looks muddy upon application and stays flawless all day long.

Rennelyn 1-Step Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit and Eyebrow Shaping Kit:

Rennelyn 1-Step Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit and Eyebrow Shaping Kit

This Rennelyn 1-Step Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit is a freaking GEM. I was looking for an eyebrow stencil kit (on Amazon), as my eyebrows are microbladed and need a good touch up, and I just haven’t had time to do it. When I fill them in with an eyebrow pencil I have to go through so many steps just to get them even, even though the outline is still there, I struggle.

On a whim, I purchased this little kit, and it has been a lifesaver and a time saver. It comes with a various selection of stencils, my favorite is classic, and you just apply the stencil in place and use the sponge stamp to apply the powder- it is super simple. In the inside of the packaging of the sponge stamp, there is a little pan of powder that reloads on to the sponge when you put the cap back on it, which is a very clever and convenient idea!

I will warn you, it may take a few tries to get your groove using this product regarding the placement and maneuvering around the stencil with the stamp sponge but once you get the hang of it you are going to love your clean, crisp brows, I can guarantee it!

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer Eyeliner:

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer Eyeliner: Blackest Black (DISCONTINUED PRODUCT)

I have always preferred gel eyeliner in the pot more than I do an eyeliner pencil. I have noticed, at least in my search attempts, many of my old go to brands no longer make these types of gel eyeliners. For whatever reason, I got lucky and was able to find the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer Eyeliner in stock at Walgreens. As I looked up the item on the L’Oreal website to provide a link, unfortunately, it stated that this is a discontinued product. If you would like to try this product and see it at any store such as Walgreens, CVS, or Ulta, snag it, because after whatever is left on the shelves is gone, this product is no more!

PAGOW 24pc Eyeliner Eyeshadow Stencils:

PAGOW 24pcs Eyeliner Eyeshadow Stencils

Another Amazon gem I found is the PAGOW 24 piece Eyeliner Eyeshadow stencils. I have never been great at a good winged liner, and not being privy to the makeup game for such a long time, I was super rusty at applying eyeliner. I had come across these stencils and I decided to give them a shot. The package comes with several eyeliner styles and shadow styles to try. Again, this is something you want to practice with a few times before perfecting the art of using these stencils, as the placement of the sticker on your eyes can be tricky and come out uneven. It is definitely a nice item to have in your makeup arsenal and is extremely convenient and easy to use once you’ve got it down pat.

MAC Single Eyeshadow- Carbon:

MAC Single Eyeshadow: Carbon

I’m not going to lie, I have actually had this shadow for quite some time, yet never used it. Going through my makeup drawer, I decided to keep it and I am very glad I did. I have been recently using this shadow to set my eyeliner when using the PAGOW stencils and it really helps keep the liner stay put, gives it more pigmentation, as well as increasing the longevity of the eyeliner’s wear time.

stila HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara:

stila HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara

I received the stila HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara in a Boxycharm box back in January and I have to say I really love trying out new mascaras and having a nice variation in my collection to choose from. I threw the Extreme Lash in my makeup bag when I went to NYC to try it out and I have to say its pretty decent. Its not my favorite mascara I’ve ever tried and to be honest there was some crumbling, however, its not horrible. I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to purchase this mascara again, but I do intend to continue using it.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush- Feisty:

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush: Feisty

The Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in the shade Feisty has been my favorite for a very long time. I would be lying to you if I said I remember when I received this or through what subscription service but this blush is so beautiful. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the shade Feisty on the Tarte website, I did, however, find it on the IPSY website, therefore, I am thinking this was a limited edition shade. Don’t worry though, all of the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes are incredible, very pigmented look gorgeous on the skin. Very often you can find a variation of five or so different shades in a gift set from Ulta or Sephora for a very good deal, and I highly suggest should you ever come across one of those giftsets, you snag it up ASAP because they do go fast.

NARS Blush- Orgasm:

NARS Blush: Orgasm

Oh my word, back in 2011 if you ever told me I would one day own a NARS Orgasm blush I would have died. I remember watching YouTube videos and everyone was talking about NARS Orgasm blush and the NARS Turkish Delight lip gloss. I would look high and low for dupes of both the blush and lip gloss all of the time– it was like my all time goal to own the actual product or find a dupe close enough to it.

To be one hundred percent transparent with you, my best friend Chelsea gave me this blush in the mini size for some reason or another and my, broke a** early 20’s excitement flooded back all over again.

This truly is a beautiful blush. It gives you just the right pop of color, has a little sheen to it, and is buildable. To me, this is one of those classic shades that anyone can rock.

touch in Sol Pretty Filter Glowdient Makeup Palette:

touch in Sol Pretty Filter Glowdient Makeup Palette

I received this gorgeous palette in yet, another Boxycharm box, and I have to say I really like it a lot! You can use this palette for multiple purposes such as a body shimmer, a brow bone highlight, an eyeshadow or a cheek, nose, and cupid’s bow highlighter. Its a nice product to have in your makeup bag due to the fact that you can find many uses for it. The colors are very nice and I really like how there are five different shade ranges within the palette depending on what you feel like doing.

benefit The POREfessional: Super Setter:

benefit The POREfessional: Super Setter Travel Size Mini

Again, received in a subscription, again, couldn’t tell you which one or when, however, this little trial size bottle is extremely helpful to have on hand, especially when traveling, or just throwing it in your makeup bag. I have used this several times now and it really does keep your makeup lasting around the clock. My only complaint would be that the spritz on the bottle isn’t very pleasant, the only way I can describe it is that the spray top doesn’t disburse greatly. It kind of all projects into one spot, so make sure you are not holding it too close to your face when setting your makeup with this bad boy.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil- Peyote:

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil: Peyote

I have had the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in the shade Peyote for a few months now. I actually purchased this in conjunction with The Urban Decay “What’s Your Sign” matte lipstick for my wedding day. I didn’t touch it until my actual wedding day and hadn’t used it since, so again, while packing for my New York trip I threw this bad boy in my makeup bag and was on my way. I really like this lip pencil because it goes on so smoothly and doesn’t dry your lips out. This is a very beautiful shade and honestly, I fill my whole lips in with it. It lasts a very long time and is super flattering and not too much. It gives you just the right amount of color on your lips and is on the more neutral side. Pair it with a nice lip gloss and you are good to go!

Too Faced Lip Injection Maximum Plump Extra Strength Lip Plumper:

Too Faced Lip Injection Maximum Plump Extra Strength Lip Plumper: Clear High Shine Finish

I am obsessed with the Too Faced Lip Injection Lip Plumper’s and have been using them for years. I will warn you it does sting just a little bit, but it works. You get a generous amount of plump using this product. After Christmas I went on Sephora’s website to see what kind of deals they had on giftsets and I snagged a cute little lip shaped tin with three mini’s of the different Too Faced Lip Injection Lip Plumper’s in it so I will be set on them for awhile! A good tip is to put this on prior to using any other lip products, such as a liner, to give your lips time to plump up, if you don’t your liner doesn’t stay put in the place you originally applied it, and no one wants that.

I hope you enjoyed this post and find the reviews and tips helpful! Let me know in the comments if you like any of these products or plan or have been eyeing them! I love engaging with you all and appreciate your support!

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