Who Is She, Tho? – A Personal Hairstyle Reflection

Boy, oh boy, do I have a treat for you…

I was going through old selfies on Snapchat and Instagram I have taken and posted through the years, and I am shook.

Don’t get me wrong, some of them are fire, yet some of them are more along the lines of WTF was she thinking?

I decided, as a fun post, and a reflection on my past hairstyle choices, I would share these hilarious, cringe worthy, photos with you, and we can have a laugh together-on me.

Let’s get in the way, way, back machine and take a look, shall we?


This photo is a huge throwback, but I decided to add it in as a nice little bonus laugh. Seriously? Blowing a kiss, with a down pointed eyeliner wing, metallic Wet n’ Wild lipstick, whilst wearing a Choo Choo Charlie hat… I literally cannot.

End Of Summer 2016

Hi, here I am at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, and yes, I will admit, although it is clearly evident, I was both coloring and cutting my own hair at this point in time. Why? I was saving money for my California trip, of course – Only to have great memories with my bestie and some not so flattering photos of orange home cut hair.

Fall 2016

So, I’m not quite sure how we went from summer of 2016 with the home cut look to this, however, I must have gone and visited a salon because this is a cute look. I like my makeup and sleek hair, and the color is very flattering with my skin tone. This one is a winner.

Early 2017

For some reason, I vividly remember taking this photo, by myself, in a Taco Bell drive through. I had just resigned from a high stress position at a six physician cardiovascular clinic and slunk into a lower level, less stressful position at a small billing company. I was feeling excellent, mentally, physically and spiritually, and started doing my makeup again and experimenting with different hairstyles. Overall, I was feeling good, and I think it shows.

Here I am, at the break table at my new job, clearly feeling myself, hair is cute, color is great and makeup is pretty on point for a person who hates waking up early and having to get ready. I was pretty motivated at this point because I felt like I was starting a healthy chapter in my life-however, it didn’t last nearly as long as I had hoped.

Here we are going for the ombre look- professionally executed this time, still looking cute and happy, the train to crazy town has not yet left the station, we are feeling good.

Okay, she’s starting to go off the rails-look at that thick a** winged eyeliner, she was clearly going through something. She got a bit edgy for a hot moment, love the New York Dolls shirt, not so much of a fan of the extremely dark eye but over all I don’t totally mind it. However, I think it’s pretty evident that the happiness was kind of drained from me at this point. Everything going on in my life, especially with my mental health, came to a boil at the end of 2017 and in the beginning of 2018 I ended up resigning from my position due to a mental health leave which I would struggle with for the next two years until finding stability.

January 2018

Oh kayyyy, what in the Slim Shady is going on here? Why would I think this was a good idea? I felt instant regret after going full on golden blonde, and I had a nice dark blonde band around the crown of my head because my hair was Ombre, prior to this disaster. Clearly, it’s time to start questioning my sanity at this time.

My sweet, sweet, Jessica- why would I request this?

Above, is my most favorite hair stylist that I have ever had in my whole entire life, Jess. I was with her for about six years, until she moved away, and I was really sad. We went from black to blonde to red and everything in between. We were always on some kind of, “Amanda is on her bullsh*t” again journey together. I miss you, Jess!!!

BIG SHOUT OUT to Jess!!! Check her out @jess.maenle on Instagram, she is amazingly brave, talented, and sweet!!!

March 2018

Knowing damn well my goose was cooked with that blonde hair I did what any irrational, mentally ill person would do, I bought a bunch of red boxed hair dye and went to town thinking I was going to look like Pamela Courson, when in reality, I actually ended up looking more like Chucky.

March 2018

I even bought blonde hair extensions and dyed them to match my head. Are you fu*king kidding me? Someone should have sent help.

New York, New York April 2018

So I don’t really mind the red here, it looks like it started to tame down and turned into a nice brown. Makeup looks good, lashes on point, hair extensions looking a lil wack but whatever, it’s not terrible.

Red phase was going strong in the Summer of 2018, I started getting lip injections, (clearly) and my makeup game was getting pretty good, extensions look good- I actually love these photos because you can tell I was really feeling beautiful and confident and just like a bad a** b*tch, overall.

Here we have a new variation of the red phase-black roots. I like how the black root broke up the full on red and gave some dimension to my hair. Although I still do look like Chucky in the first photo with yet another Choo Choo Charlie hat on (and a lace shirt that said NEW YORK whilst on a plane GOING TO NEW YORK), overall not a bad look-hair extensions are better placed and blended, and my eyebrows are on point. Ten out of ten for me.

Fall 2018

At this point, the red phase has phased out of my life, probably due to the fact that it was so expensive to keep up with as the red color would immediately wash out of my hair within a week or two. I decided to go with black all over, and I met a great friend, Charmel at my now, third job, since we started this journey, and she gave me a very beautiful sew in weave.

BIG SHOUT OUT to Melly Mel!!! Check her out @xtravagantmel_ on Instagram, she is so sweet and amazing and does the most beautiful work!!!

Umm… so, I DID, stupidly cut the weave out of my hair myself, and I’m just going to say… get someone to help you, because I cut out some crucial pieces on accident, and aged myself from 29 years old to approximately 37 years old with a snip of the scissors to the dome.

Spring 2019

Okay, so this is first day job number five in three years, from when we started this post, and just an FYI there will be two more jobs to be had after this post is finished, I apologize to my family and friends for the embarrassment my mental state has caused them since 2017.

With that being said, I was making fun of this hairstyle last night, but honestly now that I am looking at it again with fresh eyes, I don’t hate it. I like a short and full cut, styled kind of messy, and I was getting back into trying to lighten my hair up after box dying my whole head black.

I mean there’s only so many miracles God can work in a day, so to be fair and honest, this isn’t the worst thing I’ve seen.

Summer 2019

I remember deciding to cut my hair really short while looking at Pinterest while waiting in the lobby of the psychiatrists’ office, and instead of talking about my meds that day, maybe we should have talked about my personal choices. Again, not horrible, don’t really know what I was trying to accomplish here, possibly something edgy… I’ve got a Led Zeppelin shirt on (yes, I do listen to the band, I am not a poser), eyebrows have been microbladed very nicely, got a bit of a sun burn… I think I was trying to attempt something new, so whatever, at least I’m brave.

Savannah, Georgia, February 2020

Here we are, pre-COVID pandemic, and now have circled back to the ombre phase. I had traveled to Florida to visit my bestie for her 30th birthday, and we took a little road trip from Jacksonville, FL to Savannah, GA to check it out as neither of us had ever been. I vividly recall, on the airplane back to Detroit, people wearing masks and thinking “whatever, this isn’t even going to be a thing…” boy was I ever wrong.

May 2021

After living through quarantine and the beginning of the COVID Pandemic, my then boyfriend and I got engaged, and I decided to just go very natural with my hair and not touch the length in preparation for the wedding. I wanted my hair to be natural with a hint of red, which I was able to achieve. I had gotten my hair professionally done maybe twice and then decided to just keep dying it myself using quality products and not just a box dye. So every few weeks I made the trip to Sally’s, bought the color, the developer, gloves, bottle, bowl, brush, etc. and did an over all color, which I kept up from February 2021 to my wedding in October 2021.

I had to add a bit of length to my hair to achieve the look I wanted with the low bun, so I did use extensions that I had to dye and prepare myself. It took me three times to get the color saturated enough, as I purchased blonde extensions, which were 14 inches.

So, the big question is… where are we at now with our hair journey?

New York, New York, February 2022

I’m loving the length, the color, my hair is healthy, even though it is falling out at an alarming rate. Middle part looks cute and stylish… I have to say, I feel good.

Will I f*ck it up again soon? Of course.

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