Alpha Females- Misunderstood.

I have always lived with the intent of being an open book in hopes that my experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly, can be a lesson to someone else who is struggling or going through a similar situation in which I have encountered in the past.

Yes, I do live with shame regarding mistakes in my life I have made, however, if I can help another person avoid the same mistakes I no longer feel the shame, I feel as though it is an opportunity to educate and guide others.

It has come to my attention on several occasions that I have a tendency to be brash, aggressive, and speak without a filter. I can, at times, be very brutally honest, especially with those who I am most comfortable with no intent of being malicious. However, I still find myself constantly being villainized and misinterpreted, and I feel bad about that, I don’t ever want to intentionally hurt anyone with my words, but I also don’t want to be a doormat or not be my authentic self.

With that being said, I started to do research into aggressive female personalities and the same term kept appearing, “Alpha Female.” So of course I fell down a rabbit hole and started researching Alpha Females, here are my findings and what checks the box for me, personally:

Alpha Females are obsessive learners- whether it’s researching for entertainment or work, furthering her education, reading a book, or listening to podcasts and watching documentaries, she always feels the constant urge to continuing feeding her mind with all things interesting.

Alpha Females strive to inspire their man to be the best version of themselves, as well as encouraging and lifting others around them.

Although it may seem hard to believe for some, Alpha Females are fully aware of their emotions and have a high emotional intelligence, she is able to read her own emotions and accept and take responsibility for her mistakes.

An Alpha Female is a highly unstoppable force and highly self-motivated. Once she has her mind made up, she refuses to let anyone drag her down. She is always up for a challenge and is continuously developing.

She trusts herself more than she trusts anyone else, she may ask your opinion, yet will be more likely to go with her gut instinct rather than taking someone else’s advice.

She knows her self-worth and is proud of her accomplishments, she has the ability to stand out and be self-assured, is confident, and refuses to settle for less than she knows she deserves.

The Alpha Female is very often in a position of leadership and stands out as a strong and powerful force, she can navigate smoothly through conflicts and trials. She doesn’t cut corners and is typically viewed as having all the answers. She can always put on a brave face and complete even the most difficult task at hand.

There is no room for toxic people in an Alpha Female’s life and toxic behavior of any sort will not be tolerated

An Alpha Female’s assertiveness surfaces in her personality when she feels the need to be assertive in a situation.

The Alpha Female deals with the expectations that society has set for women, that they should be timid, ladylike, and feminine always.

Men tend to find the Alpha Female sassy and intimidating yet intriguing. You will never find an Alpha Female intimidated or backed into a corner, and will always stand her ground in a group of men.

In conclusion, do I believe I am an Alpha Female? For the most part, yes. At times in my life, I tolerated things I definitely shouldn’t have and put up with toxic behaviors for far too long, which is not very Alpha Female like. I am very forgiving and have allowed people way more chances than they have deserved, however, everyone is evolving and growing, as am I, and I do believe that people can change, and I am willing to give them the chance to prove it in the right situation.

I am not in any way a hater of men, however, I am a big fan of strong women. Could my approach to things be a little more softer-yes, and that is something I am becoming more aware of and I will be working on within myself.

I think in the end we all, unapologetically, have to maintain our authentic self, regardless of who we are and what we believe in. We will forever be evolving as people, and must learn to tailor things as you maneuver through life, the real ones will stick with you and support you through it all, and you should find it in your heart to do the same for others.

8 thoughts on “Alpha Females- Misunderstood.”

  1. I will be quoting you and sharing this post. This is such a boost of energy, did you know? Alpha females are such a misunderstood species but we make the impossible possible. Cheers

    1. Thank you so much!!! I always thought I was just aggressive and so many people told me what a b*tch I am. So I started to look into aggressive females and the term Alpha Female kept showing up over and over!

      1. Well from small my mom kept that part of me under wraps. She didn’t want me to be an alpha like her. But its necessary or else… Cheers to being and Alpha

  2. Yes! I love this! As a point of self-reflective and introspection, I see myself in a lot of what defines an Alpha Female. I have been very forgiving in the past. I still am to a point, but i don’t have as much patience as I used to. Men have thought me intimidating, but women see me as friendly and supportive. Not sure how that happens or why, but it is what it is. I am proud to be raising who I hope will be an Alpha female one day. For now, she’s a little lamb.

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