Hair Growth Journey- My Favorite Products

If I had to choose between doing my hair or a full face of make up, hands down I will pick makeup every time- I am just not that kind of girl who enjoys doing her hair, period. My hair is poker straight, does not hold a curl and has very little volume which makes it kind of difficult to do anything style wise to it. I guess you could call it a blessing and a curse.

The one, and only, thing I am obsessed with when it comes to my hair is health and length. For so many years I was cutting my hair short into a cute bob, now, at 33 years old if I try and rock the bob style I risk looking like a “Karen” and of course, I do not want that.

Luckily for me, during the wedding planning process, in a year and a half I was able to grow my bleach blonde, over processed, ombre hair past shoulder length. I took plenty of supplements, tried many different hair growth products, and absolutely, did not cut my hair from February until November- that’s how serious I was about achieving the look I wanted on my wedding day.

Now that my hair is growing and healthy there are a few products I would like to share with you that I have used in the past and have recently discovered during my hair growth journey that I think you will love as much as I do:

First things first- Supplements

When I first started my hair growth journey I started taking Solgar High Potency Biotin 10,000 MCG on a recommendation from a friend, I paired it with Dr. Emil Nutrition Multi Collagen Plus. I have since swapped the Multi Collagen Plus pills for the Vital Proteins Original Collagen Peptides– its a powder that comes with a little scoop, I place one scoop of it in my hot coffee every morning and add creamer, there is no taste at all.

I did a lot of research when it came to good hair growth products when I first started my hair growth journey and I came across Kenya Moore Haircare products and purchased them at Sally Beauty and let me tell you, they are amazing.

“Designed to grow your real hair longer, stronger & thicker in just one use. Featuring products for all hair types that are sulfate, phosphate & paraben free. And over 95% naturally derived.”

Kenya Moore

I really enjoyed using these products- I don’t necessarily think that I used it long enough to see results in actual hair growth, however, it did help rehabilitate my hair as I was continuously dying it from bleach blonde back to my natural dark brown hair color. The shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel very moisturized, smooth, soft, and smelled amazing. The fragrance was light and clean and not overpowering.

I used the Restorative Growth Mask 2-3 times a week and applied the Growth Serum to my roots. The Growth Serum absorbed into my hair quickly and did not leave an oily or greasy residue.

I only have one gripe about these products- the size of the shampoo and conditioner bottles: 8 OZ at Sally Beauty is $15.39 VS the 8.5 OZ bottle on the official Kenya Moore website for $14.99. It started to become quite costly to continue to replace a product that you are using so frequently. I highly suggest if you plan to purchase these products that you order them directly from the official brand website here.

After my Kenya Moore phase, I needed to look for products that were more cost effective- that’s when I began to do some Amazon searches for hair growth shampoo and conditioners and I came across Marc Anthony hair products. I was familiar with Marc Anthony products as I received a travel size bottle of the Texturizing Beach Spray in what I believe was the Candee Johnson x Beautcon summer 2016 box- one of the best boxes I have ever received in my life. However, I don’t think that Marc Anthony makes this product anymore as I could not find it on the official Marc Anthony website, which is unfortunate because I love it. However, luckily it is still available on Amazon you can find it here.

Marc Anthony Texturizing Beach Spray

My technique for using this product was to apply a generous amount to damp hair, making sure to flip my hair over and make sure I got the back well and good. Then, I would section my hair off into two pigtails and twist them tightly into two buns as high as I could atop my head. I would leave it over night and when I woke up I had really beautiful, wavy hair- any spots that I felt like were not wavy enough I would go in with a large barrel clipless curling iron and fix as needed.

My current and favorite Marc Anthony products are the Grow Long collection.

I have been using these products long enough to say that I do believe that they help promote hair growth. My hair has grown significantly within the last three months I have been using this collection. My hair is smoother, softer, longer, and overall extremely healthy. I use this with a silicone scalp massager when I wash my hair to get rid of any buildup on my scalp and to help the circulation of hair follicles to promote strength and growth.

I apply the leave in conditioner following my hair washing- only concentrating on the ends of my hair for some extra added moisture. Make sure to not use too much or get a lot on the top of the head as it will create a greasy look- a little bit goes a long way.

Lastly, I would like to share with you two other hair care favorites that I have been using over the past few months

An Amazon search lead me to the eva-nyc Therapy Session Hair mask and I knew I had to try it. I had really been wanting to branch out into haircare products that I have never tried before to see what works for me and my hair type. I love this hair mask, it is super thick, has an amazing fragrance which again, is not overpowering, and it leaves my hair feeling so moisturized. I usually use this while I soak in the tub and let it sit for as long as I please and then rinse it out, which I feel like is giving me maximum results. The container that it comes in is huge and I apply a liberal amount, making sure to coat my hair thoroughly.

The last product I stumbled upon during a Target run- OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil, you can find it on Amazon here. To be honest, I have never purchased an OGX product that I have actually liked. I find their products leaving my hair dull, with little to no moisture after use, however, I took a leap of faith and tried the Coconut Miracle Oil and I am so glad I did. This is another product that just absorbs straight into the hair and does not leave a greasy residue. I apply a small amount to my ends after washing my hair to smooth and strengthen, make sure not to overdo it and always remember a little bit goes a long way!

If you are looking in stores for any of the products mentioned you can find them at the following locations:

OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil: Target

eva-nyc Therapy Session Hair Mask: Target

Kenya Moore Haircare: Sally Beauty

Vital Proteins Original Collagen Peptides Powder: Walgreens

Marc Anthony Grow Long Collection: Target

Anything not listed, please follow the Amazon links if you would like to try these products out as well

I hope you enjoyed this post and you found it informational if you are also on a hair growth and healthiness journey. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products and or any product recommendations! Xo!

5 thoughts on “Hair Growth Journey- My Favorite Products”

  1. I love that you’re on a hair journey like me! I use the Vitals Collagen as well and it’s really helped along side The Ordinary hair serum from Ulta. I have experienced a very large amount of fallout and I’m trying recoup from it. Be careful with the OGX though, I caught an article that they were being sued for an ingredient that causes hair loss. It was about 6 or so months ago I think. Awesome blog and thank you for more suggestions on products!

    1. I didn’t even know The Ordinary had a hair serum! *immediately running to Ulta* I absolutely hate OGX products! They are terrible and always have been! I remember trying them when I was a teenager and thinking “this did literally nothing for my hair.” I re explored them as an adult with the Candee Johnson line that came out- I found it on discount at Big Lots and it just completely dried out my hair! I actually do remember catching a little info on the lawsuit but I just kind of briefed over it because I don’t use them anyway. Thank you for reminding me of that because they will be coming up on a Products I Hate post coming soon lol!!! I’ve got some more hair products coming and some I’ve been trying out that I can’t wait to share as well! Stay tuned! 😘 💋❤️

      1. YES GIRL! The Ordinary is going to be something I try for skincare next. I’ve heard amazing things and the serum seems to be working out with everything else! I agree about OGX, I think all they’re good for now is the smell but it makes your hair feel like utter garbage 🙄 Excited for your next blog ❤️

      2. Thank you for your comment, love!!! Yeah, OGX ain’t it. I don’t even notice a nice smell in my hair afterwards and your hair feels like straw afterwards! For the price you would think it would be a quality product, but you know how that goes 😣!!!

  2. I am also on a hair growth journey! after a hair bleaching disaster, I am on hair vitamins and multi vitamins, also use serums and oils etc. I have managed to grow about 2 inches doesnt seem a lot but its nearly there. I guess another month or so I will be another inch. Its the most annoying thing waiting for your hair to come back 🙁

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