The Pressure Of New Year’s Resolutions

It’s here- 2022. I have been on this planet for 33 years and I, with confidence, can say I have never accomplished one New Year’s Resolution goal I have ever set. But why do so many people, like myself, fail at achieving these coveted goals?

According to Discover Healthy Habits:

In 2021 the most popular New Year’s Resolutions were:

  1. Exercise and Fitness
  2. Losing Weight
  3. Saving Money
  4. Improving Diet

Per the article: “Of those that made a resolution in 2020, 35% kept all their resolutions, 49% kept some of their resolutions, and only 16% failed at keeping any of their resolutions.”

There are tons of reasons for New Year’s Resolution failures including, but not limited to:

  1. Unrealistic Goals
  2. Not Keeping Track Of Progress
  3. Forgetting About Resolutions
  4. Made Too Many Resolutions

Please click here to read this incredibly well written breakdown of New Year’s Resolution statistics and discover what people struggle with when setting these goals.

Reflecting on my past New Year’s Resolutions, I have to admit, I was setting the bar too high for myself. Setting unrealistic goals, standards and expectations for yourself, not only sets one up for failure and disappointment, but also is just mentally unhealthy altogether. It’s such a toxic mindset to have thinking that it is realistic to accomplish unrealistic goals because once the next new year hits, you reflect on what you DIDN’T do VS the things that you actually DID do and accomplish.

Struggling with mental illness issues hasn’t exactly helped form achievable goals for myself in new years past.

For example, past resolutions have included :

  • Lose 70 pounds
  • Save $10,000
  • Buy a house
  • Finish my Bachelor’s Degree
  • Take and pass the RHIT Exam

Realistically, how in the f*ck did I think I could do that all in one years time?!

When broken down one year equals:

  • 12 months
  • 52.143 weeks
  • 365 days
  • 261 working days
  • 8,760 hours
  • 525,600 minutes
  • 31,536,000 seconds.

This year, instead of putting unhealthy, unnecessary, pressure on my fragile little mind, I have made the following list of “goals” for 2022:

  1. Be Kinder To Myself
  2. Live A Healthier Lifestyle
  3. Set Healthy Boundaries
  4. Be Wiser With My Money
  5. Take Time To Do The Things I Enjoy
  6. Find Healthy and Constructive Outlets
  7. Work On My Mental Health

Now, aren’t those goals so much better? Those are goals I CAN commit to because they are healthy and not unrealistic expectations that I am obligating myself to do. These are things that I KNOW I need to work on to move forward with the bigger goals I want to achieve in the future.

In 2022 let’s be kinder to ourselves and others. We can do better.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you stuck to your Resolutions in the past? Do you think New Year’s Resolutions are bulls*it? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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