Personal Experience-Professional Tooth Whitening


Ever since I started this blog I have intended to share my personal tooth whitening experience…and personally, I would not recommend it to anyone…

First, let me start at the beginning and an explanation as to WHY I felt the professional whitening route would be the best.

In summer 2015 I spent a few months with braces on to fix the overcrowding of my top and bottom teeth from the pressure of my wisdom teeth. The short amount of time that I did have my braces on I felt so horrible. I was insecure, I didn’t want to leave my home, I literally felt like an adult child. The pain was excruciating as the orthodontist was doing an aggressive treatment plan on me so I could have the braces off in the shortest amount of time possible. I made a promise to myself that once the hell was over and my teeth looked amazing that I would treat myself and have my teeth professionally whitened.

Prior to the braces and to the professional whitening I had been using Crest White Strips for YEARS. I remember my teeth being so discolored from coffee and tea and just wanting white teeth so bad that I had asked my dentist what he thought about professional whitening. He actually told me to try the White Strips instead of doing an expensive professional whitening treatment that may or may not work. I bought the whitening kit and I became obsessed. I was so obsessed that the bleaching was causing my teeth to become so white that there was white discoloration and bleach spots-I also would experience sensitivity to cold food and drinks.

After I slowed down with the white strips I would occasionally whiten my teeth with a whitening kit or pen, just to do some touch up work. THEN, came the braces……………..

So, I had the braces removed, had my teeth cleaned, and made an appointment for a professional whitening. My treatment was a few days after the cleaning appointment and I had left work anxiously, ready to go and get my pearly whites even more bleached.

In the picture you can see the blue wax put on my gums as protection from the whitening properties, that right there should be a huge indicator that this was going to be a strong whitening agent….!

The treatment consisted of three sessions of ten minutes with each session using more product or a stronger grade of whitening gel, from what I remember….


The pain would come at random and would last for a few hours after the treatment. I even had to quit in the middle of a session because I was in so much pain! I was told to take some Motrin to help with the little shocks of pain I was feeling. It helped…but not enough.

My teeth did look great, but bottom line…

Non Spon-get the Crest White Strips or try activated charcoal, there is no need to go to this extreme to get white teeth.


5 thoughts on “Personal Experience-Professional Tooth Whitening

  1. I was about to go for a professional whitening treatment and thanks for sharing your experience. It helped me a lot. I would rather buy the crest one but they don’t really ship to India.

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