My Favorite Makeup Revolution Products

Hello and happy Friday, my blogging babes!!!

Tonight, I want to talk about Makeup Revolution…I first heard about this brand on Pinterest and checked it out as soon as I could and fell in love and I must say, the more Makeup Revolution comes out with the more I fall in love with the brand all over again.

We all know that Makeup Revolution tends to blatantly “takes inspiration” from other brands products and packaging and makes it their own, only to sell at a much affordable price, which I am all for. However, when you start to take other brands ideas, you kind of start crossing the line in my book….

Now! With that being said here are my favorite Makeup Revolution Products:

Rose Gold Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette

I literally cannot get enough of this palette! I first started paying attention to it when I became a blogger on WordPress. I kept seeing so many people creating beautiful looks and giving such exceptional reviews of this palette and I knew I had to get it for myself. I have turned out quite a few looks with this palette and it is definitely one of my all time favorites. All of the colors blend beautifully and are super pigmented. Definitely check this palette out and see for yourself…

Conceal & Define Full Coverage Conceal & Contour

What is there let to say that hasn’t been said about this concealer? A dupe for Tarte Shape Tape…yep…wonderful doe foot applicator…check…amazing coverage, yes ma’am. I love this concealer and I am currently on my second bottle, highly recommended, and you cannot beat the price $7…I’m in!

Fast Base Stick Foundation


Ok, so this product is NOT my favorite, however, I love the application and the fact that it is a stick foundation which makes life SO much easier on me when applying makeup in the morning. The problem is, is that it is just too oily for my skin. I start creasing within an hour of application. Plus, my skin is naturally very oily on my t zone area which doesn’t help much. I do give this product a lot of credit though and will continue to try to use it so I can determine if there is a way I can make it work for my skin type.

SophX Highlighter Palette


I must say, initially, I didn’t think too much of this palette, I just figured it was another baked highlighter palette that wouldn’t be too pigmented. The first time I used it I just wasn’t impressed. I was going to even put it on a “bad list” at one point because I just didn’t care for it. I decided to start playing with it again and I realized what a great product it really is! For $12 you get eight highlight colors in a nice palette that are actually pigmented! The price is right the quality is there, over all I love this product.

Pro Fix Oil Control Makeup Fixing Spray

As you all may know, my skin is of the oily kind and I really struggle trying to get my makeup to stay in place all day without creasing and getting shiny. I use this spray in conjunction with many other make up setting sprays to help control the oil and to balance out the makeup. I always make sure I have one on hand and even have transferred it to a travel size bottle. This spray has been everywhere with me and I intend to use it always!
What are some of your favorite Makeup Revolution products? Let me know in the comments!
Until next time….xoxoxoxoxo

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Makeup Revolution Products

  1. It is actually crazy because I adore the brand yet have never tried these products. Heard such good things though – you’ve inspired me to pick them up when I get a chance. Love the look of your blog btw! x

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