How Do I Determine If A Product Is “Bad?” My Critique-Foundations

Hi everyone!

For the last two days I have been trying out two new foundations on my face as well as two new concealers, and to say the least, it has been a disaster. The foundation on my WHOLE T zone area broke down within five hour wear and even smeared all over my face when I tried to touch it up WITH BOTH PRODUCTS!!! I was so pissed off and embarrassed of my makeup that I had worked so hard on in the morning.

My first thoughts were to come on my blog and rant about the horrible experience I had with both foundations, throw them away, and never speak of them again…However, I thought about the No7 foundation that I recently fell in love with which I didn’t like upon first try. I changed my application and technique and now its one of my favorite foundations ever!

So…I decided to give these products ONE more chance to show me what they’ve got before they head to the landfill.

I have come up with a critiquing process which will aid me in deciding what my final decision will be regarding a product and if I toot it or boot it.

My process will be using different tools and techniques for the second try application. This way I can see if the error was with my primer or tools or if I had used a moisturizer or something on my face that would have caused the foundation to break down. I need to make sure the second time around I am doing things totally different in hopes of getting a great result from my makeup.

My critiquing-Foundations “Two Try Test”

  • Prepping skin
    • Did you use face wash, lotions or oils prior to priming?
  • Primer
    • What primer did you use?
    • How much did you use?
    • Did you use a different technique?
  • Application
    • Which tools did you use?
    • Was the application process smooth?
    • Did product move and slide around face?
  • Powder
    • Did you “bake”
    • What tool did you use for powder application?
  • Setting spray
    • Which setting spray did you use?
    • If Ben Nye or Green Marble were used foundation should be less apt to move around and break down as quickly
  • Breakdown
    • Check T zone areas, has the foundation built up in one spot?
    • Has the foundation started to “run?”
    • Has the foundation started to “break down?”
  • Touch up
    • Did the foundation come off when touching up with a powder?
    • Were large patches of the applied area broken down?
    • How long did it take after initial application did it take to break down?

What do you guys think? Do you make sure to try the product more than once to determine if you like it or not? OR do you automatically write a bad review and not give it a second chance? Let me know, I’m curious.


4 thoughts on “How Do I Determine If A Product Is “Bad?” My Critique-Foundations

  1. I definitely try to work with the foundation. I’ll even mix it with another foundation for example; if it’s too thick and cakey in consistency then I’ll mix in a sheer liquidy foundation. If it’s too matte I will mix in an illuminator!


    1. I just feel like if it doesn’t work the first two times with two different techniques it’s just not going to work at all. My skin is very oily and I just don’t want to suffer through A bad makeup day at work. The other day with the flower foundation smeared all over my face when I went to touch up and I ended up wiping it all off! I was so bummed!!!

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