My Household Must Have’s-Dollar Tree

Hi guys!

I wanted to share with you my main staples for my house hold that I ALWAYS purchase at Dollar Tree. As a young woman, on her own, on a budget, with no family, Dollar Tree has LITERALLY been my saving grace.

There are certain items that I strictly buy from the Dollar Tree as they have served their purpose and have proved to be quality and reliable products for years to come. From food to toilet paper I have purchased it all at Dollar Tree and have experimented with different products of all sorts.

Here is my personal list of favorite Dollar Tree products that I swear by, I urge you to try these products out and see for yourselves how well they perform!


Secret: The Dollar Tree’s Booster laundry enhancer is AMAZING. It works just as well if not BETTER than any leading brand laundry enhancer. It is in the form of crystals and you just pop them in when the water is running along with your detergent and your clothes will smell AMAZING and fresh.

Tip: At other leading stores a gallon of bleach runs way over $1…bleach is bleach! Do you really need a brand name?

Pro Tip: The powder laundry detergent works best for me when washing my “whites” as my washing machine does not have a separate area to put bleach in, therefore I have to add it to the drum as the water is running. I found that using colored detergents with the bleach caused an orange appearance and would often times stain clothes if I didn’t catch it quick enough. The powder is colorless and causes no color damage to my clothing when added to the bleach water.

Cleaning Supplies:

Pro Tip: LA’s TOTALLY AWESOME will get the TOUGHEST stains out of anything! I do live in an apartment which has wallpaper, and I have found, due to previous tennents as well as normal wear and tear some areas of the wallpaper have discoloration. One spritz of this cleaner will take any staining away without damaging the paper. It can tend to cause a chemical smell and is hard on the skin to use, proceed with caution!

Personal Care: 

Pro Tip: Dollar Tree ALWAYS carries Huggies Scentless Wipes in a full package which I am ALWAYS stocked up on. I take them on trips I keep them in my purse in my car, I am obsessed. Pictured is Pamper’s brand scentless wipes, however, only 18 come in a package. I would definitely get the Huggies if you go this route.


Secret: I always have some of the acrylic nail sets on hand for easy application. They may not last the longest or are the BEST of quality, but they do serve their purpose in a pinch and I am glad to have them on hand. I usually buy two of the same style as you do only get 12 nails and some of them may be too large to put on. To ensure all around, even fit, I purchase two packages.

Flash Back Pro Tip: I did a blog post awhile back showcasing the Age Defy Dark Circle Corrector, in which I used the product for one week and tracked the progress and results…this is the product (second photo) I URGE you to  go out and get this and see for yourself how awesome this product is and that it TRULY DOES WORK!

Oral Care:

Please tell me why you would want to spend dollars more on these products when you can get full size, name brand (except for the mouthwash) products for $1?!

Pro Tip: When I travel, I purchase a new toothbrush from Dollar Tree and just throw it away before I leave, therefore I’m not traveling with my personal toothbrush all over God’s Creation. Gross!

Tooth Whitening Products:

Yes. Tooth Whitening Products ARE SOLD AT THE DOLLAR TREE.

However, I already have professionally whitened teeth so I use these strictly to give myself a touch up when my teeth start to discolor again.

Baskets, Containers, and Organization:


Holiday Decor: 


Pro Tip: For any and all holiday’s check Dollar Tree’s seasonal section to find great holiday decor for any season!!!

I hope you all enjoyed these tips and tricks and try some of these products out for yourselves!



4 thoughts on “My Household Must Have’s-Dollar Tree

  1. What tooth whitening products do you recommend from Dollar Tree or other retailers? I love going to Dollar Tree for cleaning products, I’ve bought detergent there and laundry stuff! They have great deals!

    Deanna from

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    1. I definitely like the whitening mouthwash as well as the whitening pen from the dollar tree. As far as any other brands, I’ve used Crest White Strips which work fantastically. Initially, when I first started whitening my teeth I used the White Strips and they worked amazingly. They lifted 20 years of stains off of my teeth with just one box. Alternatively, the charcoal method is also a great technique. Just get some activated charcoal and a spare toothbrush and brush. It is scary at first and you look crazy but once you rinse you will definitely see results!

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