What’s New With Me? UPDATE.

Hi guys,

I know I have been absent for some time now as I have been going through some personal things, nothing crazy of course…I am just in the transition phase of getting a new job, getting back into school to finish my bachelor’s degree and figuring out where my business, life, and future are going.

As you’ve seen, from my previous posts, I have been back from New Jersey for about two weeks now and A LOT has happened since then. Prior to the New Jersey trip I had “fallen down the hole” again and was experiencing brief periods of depression and just feeling blah about myself. My career wasn’t where I wanted it to go and I felt as though my life was at a standstill for a brief moment, so, I decided to make some changes.

I am currently in the process of starting a new job doing pharmaceutical billing for an up and coming company that has merged with Walgreens drug stores, and there seems to be a ton of growth and opportunity there. I also started the process of enrolling myself back into college to complete my last ten classes needed to obtain my bachelor’s degree. I plan to take more business marketing targeted classes so I can become well rounded not only in health care but business matters as well.

I am still working on my prints and crafts for the Vintage Market on December 2nd, which I am trying to meet a goal of $1000+ profit to help start up Ella Eris Beauty to get some AMAZING cosmetics and makeup tools to all of you as soon as I can!!!

Life is quite a journey. Sometimes its great, other times, its extremely shitty. I guess I am just rolling with the punches for now and taking it day by day as that is all I can do in this crazy life. I just hope to find my way, my peace, love, and passion so I can share it with the world…


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