We Toured The MTV Jersey Shore House!

Hi guys!!!

I’m excited, to share with you my experience of visiting the MTV Jersey Shore House! Of course, any time you mention “the Jersey Shore” you automatically think of the hit MTV show and all of it’s chaos.

We didn’t specifically visit the “shore” to see the shore house, we actually stayed north of Seaside Heights where the show was filmed, in a place called Long Branch, New Jersey, and it was BEAUTIFUL, absolute paradise.

Although, we did stay in Long Branch, we decided to go down to Seaside Heights for the day and of course had to be on the look out for the “Jersey Shore House.” We didn’t intentionally go looking for it but came across it rather quickly. The house is at 1209 Ocean Ter Seaside Heights, NJ 08751 United States.

unnamed (12)

My friend and I got out of the car to take a picture in front of the house when some guy came around to the front and asked us if we wanted to take a tour for $10 each. Of course we said “duh, yes,” and were forwarded to the actual freakin’ SHORE STORE, which is pretty much connected to the front of the house. We had to wait a few minutes and then we were taken in for our tour.

The house was as gross as you can imagine it to be and smelled like a log cabin. Just watch the show, you will know exactly what I mean…

Here are the pics of the Jersey Shore House:

  • Signed wall by the cast members
  • Family dinner table
  • Kitchen
  • Sitting rooms

unnamed (13)

  • The infamous duck phone!
  • Confessional
  • “Smush Room”
  • Mike “The Situation’s” bed
  • Ron and Sami’s beds
  • Vinny and Pauly D’s beds
  • Snooki and Jenni’s beds
  • Deena’s Bed

Well there you have it-the REAL MTV Jersey Shore house tour!

Hope you enjoyed and are DTF.


4 thoughts on “We Toured The MTV Jersey Shore House!

  1. I actually always thought the Jersey Shore house was ugly. lol When I used to watch the show, I would say to myself, “MTV really couldn’t afford to give them a better house?” So cool that you got to tour the real house though.

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