Just a brief disclaimer…

I wrote this post a few days ago after reading an article on Snapchat regarding obesity/body positivity. I have been very hesitant to post it…

These are just brain stormed thoughts that I had in regards to the topic and are strictly opinion…I do not want this post to cause any drama, hurt feelings, or to be taken personally…

Hi everyone,

So, yesterday on Snapchat, I came across an article that kind of “rubbed me the wrong way.” The article was in regards to body positivity making obesity and overweight individuals feel as though its OK to be…fat?

I wish I would have screen shot the article so I could better reference what I read, but from what I remember the article stated that because of “body positivity” and companies making clothing to fit larger sized people, people think its OK to be overweight. From a study conducted in the 1990’s it showed that most people acknowledged that they “needed to lose a few pounds” compared to a study conducted in 2018 most people did now acknowledge the fact that they were overweight and felt that their body size was OK.

The article also slammed companies who have plus sized models blaming them for the increase in obesity by not only using plus size models but creating clothing for larger sizes.

This article affected me in a few ways…first of all, I just recently came to terms with my weight and the issues that I have struggled with from age 17-present. I started to feel just a slight bit more comfortable in my skin, even though I KNOW I need to be more healthier, make better choices, and work out regularly. I have been on a diet for as much of my adult life as I can remember. Its been hard! And it only gets harder!

But I also got angry reading this article…

Number one, why slam the plus sized models?

Number two, why slam the companies for making plus sized clothing?

Number three, how come you aren’t slamming the food industry for putting all of the processed shit and hormones into our foods and making it nearly impossible to eat healthy and organic because of the outrageous prices?

Number four, are overweight people not supposed to be able to dress stylish like people who are “skinny?” Are they just supposed to be depressed and sit in a fucking corner or a dark room and cry because they are too ashamed of their bodies to go out or wear a bathing suit?

Number five, what about people who are sick and cannot exercise or properly diet, or have to take medicine that keeps them from shedding weight?

Look, bottom line is, it is not OK to think that you can go about life eating garbage and not exercising and expect to be skinny. Healthy choices need to be made, but they are again, choices. It was my choice to eat a whole pizza, now I’m going to have to feel shitty and suffer with it until I start eating healthy again.

To be honest… I really don’t think anyone who is overweight wants to be…I know I don’t. But every day I am going to wake up and keep trying, because I want to.



One thought on “WUT…?

  1. This was such a good read! I think companies fail to realise they’re not trying to encourage people to be bigger but instead to be comfortable in themselves and make it easier to change – if they want to. I enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing! x


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