What Have I Been Up To?- Vintage Market Preparation

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share some cool news with you all!

A few weeks ago I applied to showcase and potentially sell my hand crafted work with a county Vintage Market and….I was accepted!!!

The Vintage Market showcases many vendor’s work, mainly crafts and antiques, in which the vendor can sell. Markets are ran every few months and my chosen date is December 2nd. I feel as though with Christmas right around the corner I will have some awesome business for my first show and I can really get the hang of working different Markets such as the Vintage Market.

Getting accepted to be a vendor in the Vintage Market was so important to me for a few different reasons. Number one, I can start raising my own money to start my cosmetics line without having to take out loans. Number two, it can be something that my mother and I can both enjoy and look forward to as we craft together quite frequently. I figured it would be a great way to bring us closer and to spend more time with one another. Number three, to help keep me busy, my mind sharp, and to do something I enjoy.

Here is an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at Ella Eris Home:


All frames are thrifted and re-purposed

Hope you enjoyed this “What I’ve Been Up To” post and I hope you are inspired to start making some crafts of your own!