Pinterest Find-Smoother Bikini Line Shaving Technique

Hello there my lovely blogging babies,

I was on Pinterest and I found a really great bikini line trick to help avoid red bumps, irritation, and infected skin. I figured this would be a PERFECT time to talk about this due to the fact that it is finally summertime and many of us INCLUDING MYSELF could use this advice!

The tip was from a woman who stated she was a dancer and that she did this routine every night and swore by how effective it is. Well, I, of course, had to try it myself and give you all some feedback on how well it worked for me or if I seen any difference in my skin after doing this routine…well I am pleasantly surprised to say that I did!!!



  • Gillette Gel Shaving Cream for men
  • Sensitive Skin Body Wash (Kmart store brand)
  • Dove Sensitive Deodorant
  • Woman’s BIC Razor (Replaced with men’s razors)
  • Alcohol

So, as instructed, I used some baby oil gel on the bikini area to get the skin and the hair follicles soft prior to shaving to help prevent tugging and razor burn.

Next, I applied a men’s shaving cream to the area-it was advised to use men’s shaving cream as it is gentler because it us meant for use on the face.

I next proceeded to shave the desired area, however, not to be graphic, it had been some time since I had shaved, and I found myself doing a HORRID shave technique going back and forth in the same spot with the razor, which you should NEVER do! Windshield wiper motions are not needed! I couldn’t believe that I had created that habit and made me realize that I had been doing that all along! Not to mention, I was using a two blade razor with no gel or aloe strip which I am sure is horrible for your skin. It was also advised to use men’s razors as they are tougher and the blades are sharper than a woman’s razor.

After shaving I sprayed the rubbing alcohol to the freshly shaven area to prevent bacteria from spreading into the pores and causing bumps and infection.

Then, I followed up with the Dove Sensitive deodorant on the shaven area to prevent sweating and chafing.

I was shocked at how well this worked. It was only until the next morning I realized that due to my windshield wiper motion shaving that I had caused some razor burn and decided, quickly, that I needed to quit that habit and invest in some better razors for my poor skin’s sake!

I definitely would recommend this technique to anyone needing a smoother bikini line. I have tried it and it has proven itself to be effective. I will try next with a men’s razor and see if I get even better results.

During my “bounce back” I  have been changing up my hygiene products as well as my hygienic routine. Therefore, I have been experimenting with different methods by trying new products to replace my current items with more practical and efficient body care products. In doing so, I have ditched the feminine hygiene soap and replaced it with a sensitive skin body wash as feminine products tend to irritate and throw off your body’s natural PH balance. I have also ditched the woman’s BIC razors (as pictured below) and woman’s shave gel for men’s razors and shaving cream.

I am really taking my “bounce back” seriously, but I must say I am having fun in doing so. I really hope to keep this momentum going so I can continue to share my journey with you and hopefully give you some great tips as well!



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