“Bounce Back” Check In-How I am Being Proactive

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Hi blogging buddies!

I have been thinking about doing this post since yesterday, in regards to my bounce back after a depressive episode. Mentally, and physically, I have made a list of things I need to do to be proactive and avoid any major delays due to a depression episode.

I hope that any of you who may suffer from the same issues as I do may find this list helpful in creating your own guidelines for yourself to be proactive as well!

Creating A Schedule

This is something I PLAN to do, but have yet to do it since it is the middle of the week. I have purchased some cool little planning papers that have subtitles such as “PRIORITY” and “GOALS” to help plan your day, as well as a note pad whole weekly schedule to write and follow. In the past, I have used planners and calendars, which weren’t as effective for me as I would have liked them to be, so I want to make a conscious effort to use these tools and to make them work for me. I want to set specific days where I put my medicine’s together for the week, prepare my outfits, which blog posts I want to write for which days, so on and so forth. Keeping a schedule will keep me on track, but I wont get down on myself if I miss something on a specific day, I will just keep on going until I get it right!

Organizing Medications

Ok, I am just going to get down to the point, currently, I am taking ten medications, some for stomach issues, some for pain, some for depression. On Sunday, I decided to use pill organizers to set up my medications for the day-night time meds in my room and day time meds in my purse…however, I had already started to run out of a few and could not complete my whole week’s pill organizer! I realized that this was a problem. Number one because I was running out, number two I had no idea which meds were low and which weren’t and number three every time I needed to take my meds it was a complete hassle! I didn’t feel like digging through a whole basket of full pill bottles, half empty and fully empty bottles to try and scramble for the correct medication! It was getting ridiculous! Many times, on the weekend, I would miss dosages of pills which would cause imbalances and setbacks! I don’t want to have to deal with that ever again! I am putting in the effort to make sure that I am never ill prepared again!

Personal Hygiene Routine

As of lately, and even before having this “episode” I have not been practicing a regular personal hygiene routine. So often do I purchase wonderful face masks and treatments, bath bombs and salts, bubble bath and oils…and I am not using them! Currently, I have been looking at Pinterest A LOT and I am seeing people showing their favorite products and how they have different beauty routines and it’s making me want to create my own. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to set myself to a STRICT schedule at all times, but having a routine that can loosely be followed would be wonderful. Not only would I be doing myself a favor, but I can also start creating more content and reviewing more products for my blog! Its a win, win, situation!

Organizing My Home

There is no reason as to why my home should not be organized, its just me living here. I let things go for too long until I get so sick of looking at the disorganized place in my home and with disgust I get it back to where it needs to be. Don’t get me wrong at all, my home is very clean! I just let things go for too long…like clean laundry for example. Washing it is fun, but folding it and putting it away is another story. I need to be better, in many ways, regarding my environment being tidy and organized, over all it does affect your mood when something is unpleasant about your surroundings!

Smoother Mornings

Let me tell you…I am NOT an early bird AT ALL. I am so grouchy and tired in the morning that I find it so hard to get going. I suppose I am just a restless sleeper and I don’t feel refreshed in the morning but I just don’t have the energy to get going. Because of this my mornings usually start later than they really should and are very rough when I am trying to get out the door for my job! My quick fix for this is showering at night, picking out my clothes for the week and having them ready to go, have my meds in my purse and all items I need to take with me by the door for easy access. With that being said, the morning should run smoother which will in turn help me have a better day!

Keeping Busy

“Keeping busy” is always the number one thing that people tell you to do when they are outside looking in on a person with depression-and in a way, I suppose it is true. Looking back on it, laying in bed with debilitating depression, to the point where you cannot even shower or brush your teeth is a huge dilemma, and the last thing you want is to be busy…But, I think that having something to look forward to, prepare for, or organize is a big help. Prior to having my little depression fit, I had applied to be a vendor in a Vintage Market craft fair and I got the news last week that I would be welcomed as a participant! I have been so excited that I have something to look forward to now. I plan to organize my schedule and specifically setting days aside to work on my projects. Not only will this keep me busy, but it’ll also make me money so I can lay the foundation for the Ella Eris Beauty cosmetics line I have been diligently working so hard on! This whole keeping busy thing is opening more doors and putting more on my plate to be excited and happy about and I am very grateful for that!

It felt good to get that all down and typed! Now I need to execute!!! I hope that some of you find this helpful! Please, if you have any ideas or advice for me to help organize my life and to help my day to day run smoother, leave me a comment! I would love to hear what you have to say!!!

Bye for now!!!



6 thoughts on ““Bounce Back” Check In-How I am Being Proactive

  1. Yes, keeping busy is something I have to do. I can’t just be sitting at home because then I’ll be laying on my bed all day worrying about every little thing, so I make sure I have something to do, even if it’s working all day lol. Thanks for writing! ❤

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    1. Thanks for reading!!! I like this community and that we can share and talk about these type of things. Staying busy is key. I have learned that. Keeping a schedule has also helped. I’ve put time to write blog posts every day and I am challenging myself to do what I say I am going to do!!!

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  2. Great post girl! Thanks for sharing these tips. I don’t like to think I have depression, but I definitely have periods in my life I just don’t want to see anyone and need to drag myself out of my bed. I find that when I’m in a routine this will happen to me more often. Keep being busy is indeed a good tip. But it shouldn’t tire you though. I find that the easiest and fastest way out of this state is by trying to inspire yourself, watching certain inspirational YouTube vids and scouring Pinterest. The number 1 way to feel better is indeed taking care of yourself. I also try to keep my house free of clutter. I’m not always good at it. But admittedly, it helps ease my mind and soul. When my house is clean, I feel much better… xoxo Sarah

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    1. Thank you love! I feel you so much!!! I have been pushing myself to make sure I stick to my schedule (loosely) but not to the point where I expect myself to reach unrealistic goals. I have been feeling better but I also have had a few moments, especially yesterday, when I get down on myself. But all we can do is keep trying and trying until we find what works for us. I hope we both find some peace and can move past our bouts of depression and learn how to better cope. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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