Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Goodies (“Bounce Back” Progress)

Hi blogging babes!

I decided to take a break from my depression “bounce back” laundry and cleaning to show you the goodies I got from Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale on Sunday.

Since I have been in a better state of mind, I really would like to start having an actual routine in my life instead of doing one thing one way one day and another the next, so on and so forth. I believe that because I don’t have a routine or things properly planned that I sink deeper into the hole faster when I do have depression episodes.

One, out of the many, routines that I need to implement in my life is my morning shower routine. I must be honest when I tell you that during a depression episode I find it very difficult to do even the most simplest tasks of the day like showering, or brushing my teeth (that is how bad it gets, people). Hygiene goes out the window when you are at the lowest point you can imagine, therefore making the bounce back that much harder since you haven’t been taking care of yourself.

So, to treat myself and to celebrate my bounce back and my hygiene routine I bought some fancy body washes at Bath & Body Works. I feel as though, at times, I have dismissed body wash and body care from Bath & Body Works, because I do feel like its a little bit gimmicky…but I will say, I am 100% down for the candles at all times! However, I can’t deny that Bath & Body Works body wash is really nice. The scents are amazing and, not to mention, there is a HUGE variety of them, but I also find that the body washes are soooooo amazingly foamy and soapy. They lather on very well and make your skin smell delicious. I don’t find them very drying to my skin either, which I could see, is a major problem for a lot of people.


  • Paris Amour: $3.00
  • Apple Blossom & Lavender: $6.25
  • Lemon Pomegranate Creme: $6.25
  • Cucumber Melon: $3.00
  • Cool Coconut Surf: $3.00
  • Peach Honey & Almond: $6.25
  • Country Apple: $3.00
  • Large Travel Bag: $5.00 (not pictured)

Besides the amazing deals on these body washes I also had a coupon for $10 off of $40, roughly, my total ended up being about $31.00.

At the end of the day, I love being able to say that I found an awesome deal on my purchases. I get that gene from my Nana for sure, she always loved a great bargain! I hope that you guys take advantage of this awesome sale as well and find some great items!




4 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Goodies (“Bounce Back” Progress)

  1. I just finished my Cucumber and Melon body wash yesterday and I’m so excited to go pick up some goodies from there! I’m a sucker for the melon scents!

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    1. OMG my aunt loves the Enchanted Orchid and always asks me to see if its online to buy! I wish I could find some for her. It’s not MY personal favorite, I love fruity scents!!! Its my signature! LOL!


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