Pinterest Fail!-Lemon And Baking Soda Blackhead Treatment

Well, I have a Pinterest failure to share with you all…

We all get em’-the nasty little clogged pores prominent in our T-Zone areas, those pesky blackheads! I don’t know about you, but I am ALWAYS looking for the final answer to my blackhead clearing needs. I don’t find that the blackhead strips work very well, and you can only use an extractor tool so many times over your face. So, I turned to Pinterest hoping I could find a DIY holy grail, fix all solution to my skin problems.

Here is what I found:


Two ingredients only…”easy enough” I told myself, and picked up all of the necessities.

Now, here is where it may have taken a turn and the reason as to why it did not work out for me: I didn’t use a fresh lemon, I used lemon juice-I don’t know how much of a difference that would make with the effectiveness of the “paste” but it could be a determining factor as to why it didn’t work.


Ingredients-$1.59 total (Dollar Tree)


First, I started out with equal parts lemon juice and baking soda. I added the baking soda in first, lemon juice second, and it foamed and fizzed up like crazy.


I pretty much had to keep adding baking soda to get the consistency that I thought would be the right texture to put on the face. I ended up using nearly half a box of baking soda!


Uhhh…gross. The texture was clumpy and very hard to apply to the face, it kept dripping down and on to my mouth. It was so salty and gross! I laid on my back for 20 minutes as directed, and could feel the sides of my nose drying out. After the 20 minutes I rinsed the concoction off of my face.

Upon first inspection, I was tricked. It looked like the magic potion had worked and I was blackhead free and clear! I even told my boyfriend how well it worked and how excited I was to find a solution to my icky problem…that is until I got in my car, in natural Michigan sunlight and found that indeed, there were still blackheads on my face.

Final thoughts:

I think its always good to try new things out because you never know if you have found a new “holy grail” solution to a skin care problem, and usually it is very low in cost to try these concoctions out.

However, I am kind of bummed it didn’t work out for me. I will keep trying until I find a good solution, you guys, and I promise to share it with you as soon as I do!

Stay tuned!!!


4 thoughts on “Pinterest Fail!-Lemon And Baking Soda Blackhead Treatment

  1. Lol you aren’t alone. I tried the same thing because I too saw it on Pinterest and I’m always trying home remedies. I was super excited because I just knew it was going to work. So disappointing when it didn’t. But I just saw a great video on YouTube from a woman who tries all sorts of beauty stuff and she had blackhead tweezers. It worked really well so I just ordered a pair. Have you heard of or tried them before?

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