Reconsidering Ipsy Subscription-My May Glam Bag

Hi blogging babes!

I wanted to share with you not only my Ipsy Glam Bag goodies (and baddies) for the month of May and to explain why I am considering canceling my subscription…

IMG-7568 (1)

The May Glam Bag is adorable!!!It is made with a sturdy material that is will be very easy to keep clean, and is the classic round shape of a makeup bag, unlike some of their other that are square and are awkward to fit things in. Personally, I love bags like this because they are so versatile-I keep anywhere from 2-3 bags in my purse with me at all times with various items in them ranging from makeup to hygiene-you can never have too many makeup bags.

IMG-7569 (2)

I received the NYX soft matte to creme lippie in the color “London.” Its just OK. I’m not thrilled about it but I’m also not mad about it. The color isn’t really a shade I would normally wear so it might be fun to experiment with or it may be a total disaster, time will tell…but in all fairness, I do love these lippies, the texture and application are a dream.

IMG-7570 (1)

Very underwhelmed by this beauty sponge, nothing much to say about it and it definitely isn’t something special. I probably have about 15 of these at my vanity right now. Also, I have kind of ditched the sponge to apply with a brush so this really isn’t going to be of use to me. Bummer!

IMG-7572 (1)

I am pretty excited about this Tonymoly Painting Therapy Pack. I always love getting little skin care items in my bag to try out, I feel like no matter what Ipsy sends me in regards to skin care, it is always a hit with me.

IMG-7573 (1)

Again, underwhelming. Another single eye shadow to add to the mess of eye shadows I just got rid of. Nothing special here, I received the color “Goldy.” I did just recently get rid of a gold shadow when I did my organization project so it may come in handy.

IMG-7571 (1)


I knew my bag looked sparse this month so I went online to recheck the goodies I was supposed to receive and this was not in there! Rude!!! I will have to contact Ipsy about this little issue!

My final thoughts…

So, I am re-evaluating my Ipsy subscription after another recieving another dud bag. The pro is that you CAN get some great items for only $10, plus a nice makeup bag. The con is how hit or miss the contents of the bag are…

Will I continue my subscription?

I think I WILL. It is only $10 and the pro’s usually outweigh the con’s…I think I will give it another month then make my FINAL decision…


10 thoughts on “Reconsidering Ipsy Subscription-My May Glam Bag

  1. I recently had a disappointing Ipsy bag this month, similar to yours with single eyeshadows that I don’t need. I decided to pause it for 3 months to take some time to decide if i should cancel the subscription. Maybe that would work for you?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I found out that you could do that when i was in the process of trying to cancel my ipsy subscription. Hope it works out for you!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve received two of these products in the past. And they ALWAYS send neutral eyeshadows…how many of those do we need?! Lol. The only product I’d be happy to get is the tony moly one. Everything else is kind of a pass..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I agree! And a lot of the items I have recieved over and over again…its like ummm. Kind of seems like they are recycling the same stuff at this point! I’ve never gotten anything I can say that I’ve really been WOW’ed by…well maybe the Winky Lux powder, but that was years ago!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah…that’s a good point. I mean its the same stuff over and over again…on the website they act like they have so many diverse products or full size and they are just the little tiny samples. I always thought that was funny!

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