Makeup Brush De-clutter and Organization

This topic is long overdue- its time to talk about re-organizing and de-cluttering my makeup products and tools!!!

Since the construction of my vanity, I have been struggling to move, rearrange, and reorganize all of my makeup, tools and accessories. Currently, my makeup has been moved from the bathroom, where I used to get ready, to my bedroom, where my vanity is. I have put together all powders, single shadows, foundations, etc. together in containers, but since have added new products that are just strewn all over as well as miscellaneous items creating chaos and clutter.

After watching Tati Westbrook throw a small tantrum about her makeup organization on her channel I found it hit way to close to home and decided it was time to start getting a hold on my own makeup collection.

I decided to break my organization project down into different categories so it would feel less overwhelming. Today, I started with my makeup brushes. My makeup brushes were the last of the makeup tools in the bathroom to be moved into the bedroom/vanity area, and I figured they could use a good thorough organization, then washing.

Here are some before and after pics of the project:

Too many brushes in too many different spots!

IMG-7364My emptied nightstand in the closet, a perfect place to store my brushes!


I purchased six of each size container at the Dollar Tree as separators for my organization projects

Top and bottom drawers organized by brush types L-R

  • Blending
  • Flat shadow
  • Fluffy/ large flat head brushes
  • Misc
  • “Artiste”
  • Face/powder
  • Foundation
  • Highlighting

I was even left with one drawer which I put to good use for storing some of my eye shadow palettes


  • Before: in a separate storage drawer
  • After: organized in night stand drawer

Overall, I feel super accomplished by finishing this project and I am ready to tackle some more organization tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I do have some things planned for you so keep an eye out!

Sleep tight!!!


6 thoughts on “Makeup Brush De-clutter and Organization

    1. I love your makeup box! It’s perfect!!! It really starts to become a bummer when things start getting out of control. I have so many more declutter posts I will be making. It makes me sick how much I’ve accumulated over the years. I am really going to start keeping things to a minimum from now on. Its just too much!

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  1. Nice job! There’s something so satisfying about a proper reorganization. Since I’ve only been collecting and using makeup since January, my stash hasn’t had time to get out of control. I feel so grateful I managed to stumble upon project pan and declutter videos within the first 3 months. It made it easy to see how out of control things could get, so I’ve tried to keep things to a minimum while still having enough to enjoy. Tati loves makeup SO MUCH and gets so much PR I KNEW her room must look like that. I am not surprised she had a bit of a meltdown. One of the most epic makeup declutter series I think we’ll ever see on youtube!


    1. Oh goodness I mean we buy so much makeup to try and then end up wasting it all because it goes bad or didn’t end up working out. I have cut down with my foundations, buying tons at one time since they go bad quickly and I tend to reach for the same one over and over. I also feel the same about mascara, it needs to be replaced often. My eye shadow singles are out of control. I am definitely going to start watching how I purchase my makeup and how often, especially since I do not wear it every day.


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