Dying Hair Extensions

So…I have been seriously avoiding the daunting task of dying my new hair extensions since last week when I changed my hair color up last Friday.

I love the versatility of being able to play with different hair styles as well as length, therefore I bought new extensions and had to dye them to match my current hair.


I purchased 14″ Remy Hair “Beat” brand, bundle with eight pieces which are 100% human hair-the only kind of hair extensions you can dye

I bought two boxes of each color-a generic black by Vidal Sassoon, and Goji Berry (my go to red) from Garnier Nutrisse


I was instructed by my hair stylist, Jess to dye the pieces above the ear two inches black, and the pieces below the ear one inch of black to match the color transition

I laid out a garbage bag on the kitchen floor since it would get very messy and I could make sure I could really saturate the pieces well.

After I finished dying the pieces both black and red, I let them sit for 15-20 minutes and then rinsed them out in the bath tub


I shampooed the hair with Quantum Riveting Reds shampoo (bought at Sally’s) and conditioned with Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Conditioner

Before rinsing the conditioner out, I am letting the pieces saturate in the Dove for awhile to make sure the hair is nice and soft before blow drying. Last time I dyed my extensions I don’t think I rinsed the product out very well and the extensions were hard to style. This time I am making sure to cover all bases so I can have soft and shiny hair.

Well, that’s it for now! Can’t wait to show you an “Outfit of the Night” post soon while wearing these extensions!!! Stay tuned!!!



4 thoughts on “Dying Hair Extensions

  1. Hey, (love your hair colour btw) have you ever tried to bleach human hair extensions? I have dyed mine quite a few times but find that the colour runs – i’m skeptical on using bleach on hair extensions though.

    Also, if you’re planning on keeping the red colour for a while, i’d recommend using one of the loreal hi color highlights on your next set of extensions because they make your hair super vibrant red even from a dark base and don’t damage your hair. x

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    1. Hi!! No, I have not ever bleached extensions before. Usually I just purchase new hair when I change my color, and I always get bleach blonde and just dye them to match my hair. I actually just changed up my hair color to straight black, easier to deal with and keep up on. I do miss the red but I was finding the upkeep was too much and my hair became really damaged and stressed out 😩.


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