New Hair!

One thing you do NOT know about me, yet, is that I frequently change my hair color. I tend to get into moods where I want to DRASTICALLY feel the need to change my hair, cut, and style. I have accumulated a lot of damage, spent a lot of money, and turned out lots of looks, but to me, it is worth it!

Here are the photos of my most recent hair adventure:

Last weekend (5-12-18)

The next day (5-13-18) I found this photo on Pinterest and texted my hair stylist, Jess to set up an appointment

IMG_7114 (1)


The night before my appointment (5-17-18) I touched up my red color with Garnier Nutrisse shade: R2 “Goji Berry-Medium Intense Auburn

My hair prior to color and cut

My hair post color and cut


Added an inch or so of black around the scalp/root area to give transition into red

IMG_7237 (1)

Jess and I happy with the finished product!!! (5-18-18)


Tomorrow’s adventure…dying the extensions!

Stay tuned!


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