Fears About Starting A Cosmetics Line

Hi hunnies!!!

While I was getting ready today I thought about sharing with you my fears and concerns about starting my cosmetics line, Ella Eris Beauty. I have hinted a bit regarding my business venture on my blog but I haven’t really written too much about it. As you can see, I have been doing some polls on my blog in order to get some community feedback as to what you would like to see as a product in a makeup collection/line and let me tell you, I appreciate all the feedback you guys have provided me-its really opened my eyes having the input of those who potentially would become customers of the brand knowing that they would be seeing exactly what they would want from a brand, which I think is sooooo important.

Believe it or not, I have been working on my brand, on and off, for about a year now. The idea has taken many forms since the beginning, from just being a beauty supply site, to makeup tools, and now to actual makeup. I have done so much research as well as testing product to bring you the very best that I can, knowing that affordability with quality would be my number one priority-and I would never find myself selling garbage that I, myself, would not use. I have fallen down a hole so many times, buying mostly eye shadows and highlighters, that I had really high hopes for and then opening them and they are a complete dud! It is the most disappointing thing about purchasing “affordable” makeup.

With all that being said, as confident as I am about the quality of the makeup and other products that I am planning to launch, I still have so many fears about getting this whole idea off the ground. My worst nightmare is that I will come on here and see reviews of my product and they will be all negative, after all, we all have an opinion on “what is good” or “what is bad” and what if my opinion is a lower standard than yours?! I am scared that I will take even the slightest constructive criticism to heart as I am a very sensitive person. Will I be able to develop a “thick skin” and just take the negative and turn it into something positive? I suppose that the struggle of putting yourself out there is realizing that you do need to change things about yourself in order to stay confident and constantly evolve as your brand does.

On all of our blogs we give honest reviews whether we like the product or not, most of the time we are reviewing large company’s products that will most likely never see our opinions, only consumers who we are trying to shield from purchasing a janky product. Now, I’m thinking to myself…”that could have been the brain child of someone’s dream that I just bashed…” I suppose that this is something I never thought of until I was thinking of creating my own line of cosmetics and, to be truthful, it scares the hell out of me.

OR, do I just take the highroad and ignore the reviews all together and keep doing my thing? But then I might be putting out crappy product and not even know it! Ugh!!! So many scenarios play out in my head that I am overly thinking or obsessing over.

I am getting to the point of getting this all off the ground finally and I just want to be successful. I want my vision and dream of having beautiful, affordable, quality makeup available for all. I hope to help people who cannot afford high end cosmetics to go to my brand and find something they can be equally as happy with. I want whoever that uses my cosmetics to feel beautiful and confident. I just want to do right by everyone and be well received in the “beauty community.” I am not looking for fortune or fame or even a YouTube channel. I am looking for something to fill a void within myself that I feel passionate about. Something for me to develop, help others, and grow.

By no means is any of this easy. I have been back and forth between what I want to sell, how I am going to sell it, and how I am going to fund it. I’ve stressed, crunched numbers, and even shed some tears over how I was going to make this all happen and now that I am just about close to the place where I want to be I start over thinking and getting down on myself for no reason. One day I want to show my children that even when everything and everyone may be against you, you can still rise, even if you failed, you gave it your all and didn’t give up and to me that is the best lesson one can learn.

I think more than anything, this venture is about me. It is about me proving to my own self that I can do this. I shouldn’t care what friends, family, or outsiders think. I know I can do this. Even if I fail it will be a triumph that I made my dream come true. I am not looking to be a mogul or an influencer, I am just a girl that wants to make her hobby and passion into a business so all can enjoy.

At the end of the day, I know in my heart, that I am going to proceed with this dream of mine. I will not imprison myself in my own negative thoughts with no belief in myself. I have come a long way, over came many obstacles in my way and I have decided that I am not stopping.

I am going to make this work.



19 thoughts on “Fears About Starting A Cosmetics Line

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I always know I can come on here and get the support I need. I love this community and feel so safe here. I feel comfortable putting myself “out there” because I know no one will judge me and will always have someone boosting me up. I appreciate your kind words so very much

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey! Believe it or not, fear of failure is something that’s very common with anyone starting their own business. Having been an entrepreneur myself I understand what you’re personally going through. But the funny thing with that is, if you even apply a completely random system like a coin toss, you’ll see that you are just as likely to succeed as you are to fail. So why not focus on the possibility that you WILL succeed? There’s nothing preventing you from getting there, just trust yourself.

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    1. I have come to the realization now…I am the only one standing in my own way. You are right…I am just as likely to succeed as I am to fail…maybe that’s the scary part. But all of this has started to mentally prepare me for the next steps and I am excited and still a bit nervous for the future but I have to do it, I have to prove to myself I can do this.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and to comment on this I appreciate your feedback so very much and I can’t wait to show the world what I’ve got!!!

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  2. Actually if your starting out. Use the bad reviews to improve. Use the negative reviews and build a focus group. Ask them why they dont like and how can it be better? They will feel important. Or once you have your line use some bloggers as guinea pigs.

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    1. I feel like, since I am putting products out there thoughtfully and items that I myself would use I think it shows integrity and it shows that even though I want to sell affordable, great quality items I am not going to lower myself down to sell junk and that’s something I need to remember. All of my items…I’m not selling blindly. I have been working on this for awhile now and I need to be more confident in myself and take into consideration that I am giving it my all. It feels so good to have support and ideas from all of those who took the time to read and comment. It helps so much to not only gather and put together your own thoughts but to also get feedback. I appreciate your advice so much Linda.


  3. Thank you for your heartfelt words! I myself been thinking about starting a makeup line. I love me a good pigmented, buttery texture eyeshadow palette at a decent price! So I have had so many ideas on how to create my own, but every single time I think about the what ifs. We are our own enemies with our negative thoughts! Not everything is meant for everyone so there’s going to be bad reviews on things that might be great for others. So keep going for what you want!!! Best wishes ❤

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    1. I agree, we do stand in our own way sometimes with our self doubt!!! I have had so many positive comments and feedback just by posting my fears that I am ready to take the next step and get into my first launch. So many people are excited and support me and I don’t know what I am so afraid of. Like you said not everything is going to be liked by everyone…I need to take the opportunity to develop a thick skin and to take it as constructive criticism rather than taking it so much to heart!!!

      Thank you for taking the time to not only read my post, but for taking the time to send me a heartfelt message about it showing your support, it means so much to me. Start thinking of that makeup line and when you’re ready I’m here to help ya!!!

      Much love!!! XoXo


  4. If this is something you want to do, you should go ahead and take risks no matter what. If you think too much, then it’s like you are already sabotaging your business. If you don’t believe in it, why the rest of the world should?! Do it, of course it won’t be easy, but anything that becomes successfull most of times takes years, for example Huda Beauty. It took her between 3 to 5 years to reach the 1st stage of success. Cosmetics it ain’t easy and I understand you, but if I would do something, either would be lipsticks, that could be used as lipsticks and eyeshadows (why not?) or concealers, that can be used as concealer and foundation. Also it’s important you find someone that sponsors you, so the way to success becomes a bit easier 😉 good luck beautiful 🍀

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    1. You are so right…I have been thinking about doing this for such a long time now and I really do think I have what it takes to be successful in the industry. Beauty is a safe zone because even though trends change we will always be into beauty, makeup, skin care, etc. I have some ideas now that I have written it out and clarified some things in my mind and sorted my thoughts. I totally appreciate your feedback and I thank you so much for taking the time to write to me, it means a lot to have support. XOXO

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  5. Congratulations on starting your own makeup line! I think it’s very courageous of you to take this venture. It’s also amazing how you’re realizing your dreams. I, too, am an ultra-sensitive person, both physically and even more so emotionally so I understand how you feel about receiving criticism but I learned from literary theory class that criticism isn’t always negative. It’s a pity the word has come to be associated with a derogatory meaning. Having said that, if you do receive negative comments, I think one way to look at it is to differentiate between negative but constructive comments and negative and pointless comments aimed purely at injuring. For example, I’m about to write a review on a cleansing oil. It is a decent one and fairly priced but the scent is just too overpowering. I probably won’t purchase again unless they tone down the fragrance of that product. This comment is negative but if the company reads that, they will probably realize something they might have missed so sometimes negative reviews can provide useful suggestions on how to improve a product. Why not try to see negative reviews as a way to make your products better suit your consumer’s needs? As for negative but unconstructive comments, you can always ignore and let it go. And then there will always be positive and encouraging comments right? Please go ahead and launch your makeup line soon! I think the venture itself is something you can be proud of!

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    1. Thank you so much!!! I definitely plan to use this as an opportunity to work on myself as well as the brand. I need to develop a thicker skin and like you said take it all as constructive criticism and weed out the people just trying to “throw shots” at me. I appreciate your feedback so much! xoxo


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