Hi beauty babes!!!

I’ve been wanting to share with you my Shop Miss A: AOA studio WONDER LIPLOCK 24-HR LIPSTICK collection for some time now, I have 17 of them total, and I knew it would take me a hot minute to do this review.

First of all let me say, all of these lipsticks are $1 a piece, and of course, Shop Miss A does it again with the AMAZING quality at an AMAZING PRICE.

These lipsticks are all matte shades and have a smooth velvety finish to them.


Top to bottom:

  • Frost Magic-2554
  • Mystery-2522
  • Attitude-2524
  • Front Row-2543
  • Sis-2535
  • Beige-2502
  • Why Not-2523
  • Queen-2507
  • Sweet-2518
  • Vacay-2517


Top to bottom:

  • Temptation-2536
  • Frost Bae-2558
  • Modern-2544
  • London-2542
  • Venus-2541
  • Detox-2545
  • Stand Out-2530

So…we definitely have some pro’s and con’s to weed through:


  • Price
  • Almost no transfer at all
  • Smooth


  • Not all of the twist applicators work
  • Easily breakable
  • Very soft
  • Darker pigments are very “mushy” (as you can see from the swatches)

Overall, for one dollar I highly recommend these lipsticks…there are always going to be cons or defective issues with anything that is “cheaper” as we all know, but, I, personally, do not think that the con’s outweigh the pro’s by any means, what-so-ever. I think that people tend to think that everything is going to be the quality of a high end makeup brand, even though they know that the makeup was $1 and they still drag it to filth. Personally, I do night buy high end makeup, as makeup is so disposable! I wouldn’t be as upset if I lost a $1 Shop Miss A lipstick as I would be if I lost a Kylie Lip Kit.


  • I say the price is right and if you want to take a chance, I would definitely check these lipsticks out. I don’t think you will be sorry!

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