Elf Ten Shadow Palette Collection

Hi guys!

I’ve been wanting to share my collection of E.L.F ten shadow palettes since I started my blog and let me tell you, I am so glad that I did. As I swatched and looked at them all over again I fell back in love with these great sets and realized how much I have missed using them!

Here are the seven palettes I currently own in my collection:



Collection in its entirety

  • Holy Smokes
  • Last three colors swatched (L-R)
  • Mattes
  • Jewel Pop
  • Colors 6-9 swatched (L-R)
  • Mattes
  • Every Day Smokey
  • Colors 5-8 swatched (L-R)
  • Mattes/Shimmer
  • Mad For Mattes
  • Colors 1-4 swatched (L-R)
  • Mattes
  • Nude Rose Gold
  • Colors 7-10 swatched (L-R)
  • Mattes/Shimmers
  • Need It Nude
  • Colors 2 & 3 / 5 & 6 swatched
  • Mattes/Shimmers
  • Mad For Matte II
  • Colors 5-8 swatched
  • Mattes


My final thoughts:

The pros definitely outweigh the cons. I do feel as though many of the colors become a bit redundant and repeated in the palettes the more you actually study them. While I was photographing the products some of them looked completely the same, to be honest.

Overall, I love all of these little palettes! They are awesome to have in your makeup collection, especially if you are a beginner. They are only $10 a piece and you get ten BEAUTIFUL, quality, shades of shadows. I cannot say there is ONE bad shadow in any of the palettes, that is how incredible the quality and formula is. Another perk is that, when traveling, they are so compact and so full of different shade ranges you could take one of these palettes and turn out different looks every day-and trust me I know from experience, I took the Mad For Matte palette on my week trip to California in 2016 and used it every single day.

I am so in love with this collection and addicted to purchasing the newest color story E.L.F releases. I highly recommend these little palettes, the quality and price are definitely worth it.


2 thoughts on “Elf Ten Shadow Palette Collection

    1. I am really liking the jewel pop and the rose gold a loooooot!!! They are so gorgeous! They swatch like a dream. You can definatley get them at an ELF store, some times Target and on ELF’s website.


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