OOTD-Date Night!

Hi beauty babies!!!

Tonight was the reincarnation of “Date Night” as my boyfriend and I celebrated another special night together.

I wanted to share with you some outfit looks to get you in the mood and inspired for your own date night:

IMG-7071 (1)

I have to be honest, this is one of my best eye looks I have ever accomplished. I definitely took a lot of time blending and creating a perfect color combination but I am in love with the way this turned out. One of my proudest makeup moments to date.


Photos via SnapChat, feel free to add me!


FINALLY used my Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette, Rose Gold Chocolate Bar and rotated between the two marked colors in my crease. I can already tell you that I am LOVING this palette. So excited to have purchased this after reading all the amazing reviews on WordPress.

I used my No7 special edition palette with the shimmer color marked for my lid and attempted to use on the inner corner, however, the color pigmentation was very underwhelming. I used the shadow dry as well as wet and no true difference. I had to keep blending and building color and then just went and added a shimmer from the Rose Gold Chocolate Bar to help the color pop more. Unfortunately, thus far, I am kind of disappointed with this palette…

Contoured/highlighted with Ella Eris Beauty Contour Palette and topped with Ella Eris Beauty liquid lipstick and lip liner in Flirt-I have been in love with this lip combo and I cannot wait to share it with you guys! Cross your fingers it should be here very soon!!!

Tee shirt dress, with pop of color blazer and exotic shoe

Pair with your man and a cute bubblegum purse and a nice margarita and you are on your way to a FABULOUS date night!!!!






8 thoughts on “OOTD-Date Night!

    1. I literally just woke up and thought you said love how you did your wig. Hahahahahahah!!! Thank you!!! I liked the concept of smudging it out because I’m kind of shaky at winged liner, it’s A hit or miss with me

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