Maurice’s Mini Haul-$45 In Rewards Coupons

Hi guys!

Since I told you about my body struggles I shared with you an Avenue/Loralette haul to showcase some of the items I purchased to try out for the first time, however, I would like to share a store that I frequently shop at that sells both plus and standard size women’s clothing, Maurice’s.

Maurice’s is a store where I know I can go online and purchase something and already know how it will fit. All of their jeggings fit exactly the same, so there is no questioning what size you are, if the material is going to be too tight or loose on you, etc. They tend to be a bit on the pricey side but for quality, fashionable, sophisticated clothing for a woman of 30 years, I am willing to pay the price.

24/7 tie dye tee with strappy cold shoulders

floral embroidered cold shoulder t-shirt dress

floral linen jacket

sunbeam linen moto jacket

The price was right on my purchases…I only spent $23.34 out of pocket for the whole lot and I received a promo discount of 10% for using my Maurice’s credit card and I had $45 in rewards money to use towards my purchase on top of any sales running at that time!

I would have to say, I have never been disappointed in any of the clothing I have purchased from Maurice’s in the last few years. Prior to that, I do not believe the quality was that great for the price, but I feel as though they have really stepped up their game in all aspects of quality. I have loved every piece I have purchased recently ranging from boots to summer dresses to motorcycle jackets! Everything has been a home run for me.

I encourage you to check out Maurice’s website and take a look for yourself!


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