The Answers Are IN! My Q/A With The Dumpster Haulics!

Hi guys!!! The Dumpster Haulics team was so generous in answering our questions regarding DUMPSTER DIVING!!!! I am so excited to share our Q/A session with you! 

Please check out their Instagram page:


And their YouTube Channel:

Dumpster Haulics

Let’s start the Q & A!!!

What is the best item you ever found?

  • The best item we’ve ever found was the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, along with a ton of other new palettes we were wanting!
Favorite place to dive?
  • We definitely love to dive at Ulta and Five Below the most, but we love Bath and Body Works and Kirklands too!
Have you ever been “caught” by authorities or store workers while on a dive?
  • We have been caught by a security guard, the police on multiple occasions, and a lot of store employees! Most of the times the police have been fine with it, but some of them, the security guard, and the employees don’t like it.
Do you get an adrenaline rush while diving?
  • We definitely get an adrenaline rush! It’s kind of like Christmas morning where you never know what you’re going to get when you open a box or bag!
How often do you dumpster dive?
  • We usually go diving at least once a day! Even if we aren’t going out specifically to dive we still like to check dumpsters as we pass them.
Where do you live? (general state or town, whatever you feel comfortable sharing)
  • NA! We don’t like giving out our location
Do you sell your items that you find from your dives?
  • We do sell items! For makeup, we make sure it’s not disgusting. We so sell stuff like furniture and home decor from Kirklands as well! We like to donate what we can from Five Below, though.
How do you sanitize the items? Or do you need to? 
  • We always sanitize makeup we find! We wipe off the top layer and then we spray it with rubbing alcohol. If it’s super messed up or souped we just toss it.
Is everything brand new or “testers” if finding makeup?
  • The makeup they throw out is either from returns, testers, or stuff that’s been damaged in store, We have found sealed makeup and eye shadow palettes before. They also get rid of clearance items after they’ve been out for too long!
Is the lore true that many stores destroy items before discarding them? (ex. Ulta)
  • Most stores are required by corporate office to destroy all items! Everything at Ulta is supposed to be damaged before being discarded.
Are you aware that a lot of people don’t know that diving is even “a thing”?
  • Yes, it is crazy to us that so many people have never even thought of it before, When we first heard about it we were shocked!
How many wins vs disappointments do you have?
  • We usually have a lot more disappointments than wins. It is hard to get a good haul these days! We know we will get one eventually though, so we don’t let the losses disappoint us too much!
How often do you find “good stuff”?
  • We get good stuff maybe once a week or once every other week. It’s all a waiting game pretty much!
Do you feel that it is “worth it”?
  • We really do feel like dumpster diving is worth it. We used to dream about owning high end makeup and now we do! We also get to help a lot of people in need with the stuff we can donate.
What are the best days and times to dive?
  • The best time to dive really depends on the store. Some areas we have luck in the mornings and at others we only get stuff at night!
What is your worst find?
  • Our worst find is definitely destroyed makeup. We also get mad any time we see cut clothes because they could have easily been donated!
Do you consider this an addiction at this point?
  • We aren’t sure if it’s an addiction but if we go a day without checking at least one dumpster something doesn’t feel right!

Thank you so much to the Dumpster Haulics for answering these questions for me and I encourage you to all check out their social media platforms, Instagram and YouTube channel links are above! 



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