My Skin Is PISSED!

Hey guys,

Do you remember that long review on theNEUTROGENA VISIBLY CLEAR LIGHT THERAPY ACNE MASK- About the pustules and the frequent little breakouts that wont stop popping up?!

Well that is what I am facing today and for pretty much the past week. I literally wore foundation ONE DAY and that was LAST SUNDAY (today is FRIDAY), and my skin has not stopped breaking out since!!! I’ve tried to leave it, I’ve picked at it, I’ve toned my skin, cleansed it well, I CANNOT. GET. ANY. RELIEF. It is so embarrassing and disgusting! The foundation and concealer I used on my face are damn near brand new, I used a brand new makeup sponge and I didn’t use any primer on my skin! I did use the No7 Early Defence Glow Activating Serum as a moisturizer/base but we know from my experiment that, that is not the issue.

Tonight I have called in the reinforcements:

Image result for beauty 360 glam glow dupe

Related image

Image result for aztec clay mask

AND, last, but certainly NOT least…

Image result for neutrogena light therapy MASK

Wish me luck-I will keep you posted!


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