Small Ulta Haul 05/05/18

Hi beauty blogging beauties!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a nice relaxing evening! I apologize for my lack in content over the weekend. I had been pretty busy and was unable to post as much as I would have liked, but I do promise more content coming this week, including, my Q&A with makeup dumpster divers!! So stay tuned.

I wanted to share with you the items I purchased on a small Ulta shopping trip I made yesterday, one of the items was a repurchase the others are totally new products that I am excited to use!


Okay, so most of you know, who have reviewed the Rose Gold Chocolate Palette, that I have commented that I have been DYING to get my hands on one of these. I was trying to lay off purchasing anymore palettes for awhile so I can start experimenting with what I have, but I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.


Swatched-bottom to top, colors 2-6

I am in love with this palette, the colors are so beautiful and buttery and the color payoff is incredible and for $15 you cant ask for a better color story.


This next purchase was unexpected but I am soooo happy I picked this up, it is the Flower Strobing and Highlight palette. I was amazed when swatching this in the store, the pigment is BEAUTIFUL and so soft and buttery to the touch.

IMG-6899 (1)

Swatched L-R

If not for Ulta, I would have never purchased Flower brand just due to the fact that it was sold for a time only at Walmart and there would be no way to actually swatch the product to see how good and pigmented it is. Sometimes, you just don’t want to take the chance on purchasing something you are highly unsure about. 

The next item was my repurchase-Pores Be Pure Mud Mask

Image result for pores be pure mud mask

I am in love with this mud mask, it has done wonders for my skin, esepcially the areas on my jaw line where I experience acne the most. I apply this when I take a bath and leave on my face to dry. My skin is smoother and clearer and just has an overall clarified look to it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

I also purchased two new foundations:

Image result for models own stick foundation

The models own foundation stick (which was on clearance, not getting very good reviews online now that I’ve researched further)

As well as the LA Girl Pro Matte foundation

Image result for la girl pro matte foundation

I have had it on my brain that I’ve wanted a stick foundation for a long time, which I am not sure why, possibly because of easy application? And the LA Girl foundations have also been on my to-buy list for some time. I will let you guys know how they work out! Could be interesting!!!



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