Hey guys!

I wanted to write to you regarding purchasing discount makeup from stores such as Marshall’s and TjMaxx.

Recently, I purchased the Lorac Natural Performance Foundation at a TjMaxx store in New York, it was in the package, and did not seem to be tampered with. I purchased it, excited to give it a whirl as I have never used Lorac products before, and I am always excited to try new foundations.


Today, while doing a de-clutter I opened the box to try the foundation on my hand to see what the consistency was, full coverage, medium coverage so on and so forth. I loved the fact that it was a full coverage foundation and was very pleased with the way it looked, swatched on my hand. That was until a foul sour odor came from the foundation after buffing it into my skin. My first thought was “this foundation is spoiled.”

So, here are the facts, it hasn’t been tampered with, we assume, it’s expiration date is 6 months after being opened. My question is…how old is this foundation, when was it manufactured? How long did it sit in a warehouse, or on the shelf of a different store before it go to TjMaxx?

These are the things we must consider when purchasing things from stores such as these. This was not something I previously thought of, and maybe there is a method to the madness of people opening and trying products which I am absolutely NOT condoning, but after what I experienced I will be either thinking twice about purchasing items such as foundations from discount stores, or staying away from them all together. Hopefully, this is a one time incident but something tells me that its probably not.

Buyer please beware.


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