Disappointing Products-April 2018

Quote: “It hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on…” that’s why these products are going straight.in.the.trash.

Welcome to disappointment day, where I show you beauty items that I had strong, high hopes for. During my makeup de-cluttering day one I came across these products and decided to share them with you, in hopes that it may stray you away from purchasing these products, or for some to tell me tips and tricks to work better with these products.

Lets go!


From the jump, you can see that there are more than one Makeup Revolution items in this disappointment haul. I have heard many YouTube beauty gurus say that Makeup Revolution is a very hit or miss brand, and I would have to agree. Besides their “revolutionary” concealer, which is exactly like Tarte’s Shape Tape, and their Baked Highlighter, I really can’t find anything else I like from this brand.


I had been wanting to try the Liquid Highlighter in Champagne FOREVER, but as usual, my Ulta store did not have any in stock, and as for what they did have on display, each bottle was opened or tampered with, so of course I wasn’t even thinking about purchasing a gross opened bottle.

When I used this in conjunction with my foundation, I felt as though it made my foundation thin out and feel watery…? I did not like the feel of the finish of the product on my skin an it did not make my face dewy, which, I assume, is supposed to do. Even now when I just swatched it, it looks like there is nothing even on my skin. Definitely a waste of my $9.


By the end of this, you will probably think I am nitpicking Makeup Revolution’s whole line and to be honest, I kind of am. the next item is the Ultra Professional Corrector Palette, as you can see, I dipped my brush into that green on more than one occasion to cover up the redness of acne that was cursing my face. I just found that this palette was too greasy and moved around way too much. It was another “makeup mustache” situation, and that never looks good on anyone. I re-swatched this as well and the consistency is so oily and the “correctors” are not really that pigmented. Just seems like putting Vaseline on your skin with the way it slips around on the face. Definitely a “pass” in my book.


My last Makeup Revolution regret is the Fortune Favours The Brave palette…wow, this, to me, is a disaster. I first seen this palette on Pinterest and thought it was pictured as such a beautiful presentation of colors in a palette that I’ve ever seen, it looked so beautiful to me that I ran out the next day to my local Ulta to purchase it. I brought it home and I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, tried to like this palette, but I just cant. The colors are soooo hit or miss with the pigmentation and consistency that it is just too hard to ignore or blame on the fact that different colors require different formulas, etc. These colors are unblendable, they are muddy, they stain your eyes…and for reference I am swatching these products as I write this to confirm how much I dislike them and this one is awful. Even just the swatch of the blue I did for less than a minute left a blue, bruised looking hue on my hand. Confirmed, I hate this palette.




I should have known better with this purchase because this is one word: garbage. I think I did just purchase it as an impulse buy because it was 50% off (now I know why) and I hauled this in one of my very first blog posts as well. This product is NYC BB Creme Instant Matte Skin PERFECTOR, they sure are promising a lot with that name. Want a greasy face that smells like paint? Go ahead and purchase this product. This just SLIDES all over the face and does not blend in what so ever. I used two different techniques, a sponge applicator as well as a brush with no luck. This is going straight to the trash where it belongs.


OK, so I know, this item might be a tad controversial, due to the fact that sooooo many people love this foundation and are so surprised with it…but as for me, I just can’t get into it! It literally does nothing for me. I am very accustomed to full coverage foundations and this one clearly is not full coverage, but I feel like there is zero coverage at all. Am I missing the point? I will say it seems to stay put, BUT I hate the applicator, and I am not living for that paint smell. This is a pass for me.


Now, YOU ALL KNOW how much I love Shop Miss A and their AOA Studio line, but I just can’t get over this HI-DEF BRUSH (6A). I have used almost every single brush out of their line and I have not once been disappointed, but this…it left brush hairs all over my face and I had to smear all the work I had done with my foundation in order to get them off! It was like using cat fur to apply makeup on your face total disappointment…

IMG-6780 (1)

Last, but certainly not least, is the AOA Studio Wondercover Concealer in Highlight (230). I just don’t know if I understand the concept or if this is legitimately a bad product, but the consistency is like white out. I tried to use this on the high points of my face to add some highlight but this either dried too quickly or is just way too thick because it WILL.NOT.BLEND. All you can see is streaks of white on your face and THAT is not cute on anyone.


Please let me know if you guys have had any similar experiences with any of these products or any recommendations on better ways to apply or utilize them.


6 thoughts on “Disappointing Products-April 2018

  1. Totally agree with you on the corrector palette. MUR is definitely a hit or miss brand. To be honest, I don’t like their concealer that much, but I find some of their eyeshadow palettes pretty good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I was wondering if I was crazy or something because so many people love MUR. I was watching Tati Westbrook on YouTube and she said the same exact thing that it is so hit or miss with them! I’m really not impressed at all. The concealer I must say I do like but now that I think about it besides the highlighters, nothing really stands out to me…


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