My 2011 Makeup Must Haves Throwback

Judging by the title, do I even need to say anything?! This is another “back in my day” post that actually just came to mind this morning, and was not pre-meditated. I love to share my stories with you and I hope you all enjoy them. This one is a tale about the two makeup items I dearly wanted when I was broke.

It was 2011 and I was a broke college student working at Kmart and living at home with my parents. I made less than $100 a week and struggled to pay my bills. My only hobbies included: “brother sister day,” getting straight into my bed as soon as I got home from anywhere, and watching YouTube videos on my phone under the covers because we didn’t have WiFi, no joke this is the complete truth.

For some reason I started watching beauty videos on YouTube, the first beauty guru I ever watched was, of course, Michelle Phan then I graduated to other beauty gurus such as Bad Ass Platinum and MakeupByLeinaBaaaby. These were the women who got me into makeup and learning about different brands that were not at the drugstore but in a whole different beauty dimension. It was MakeupByLeinaBaaaby that showed me the two eye shadow palettes that I would struggle to buy for a good six months. Its funny, because now a $10 price tag is nothing, but back then, it was everything stopping me from taking my makeup to the next level. 

The two pallettes I desperately wanted and needed to start my makeup collection were:


Creative Me Palette


Winterberry Palette

Oh! I wanted these, needed these palette’s soooooo bad!!! Especially after watching MakeupByLeinaBaaaby do a Nicki Minaj “Bedrock” Music Video Inspired Makeup…Nicki Minaj gave me LYFE back in the day and I knew I wanted to have the vibrant, beautiful colors from her music videos!!! 

I don’t remember how I ended up getting the money to purchase the palettes, probably spent my life savings on them, but who knows…?

The point of the story is, now that I have so much makeup, and success, and everything I could want and then some, I think back to times like this when I couldn’t afford even a $10 makeup palette, now I am buying $10 single eye shadow pots. Its very humbling to me, reminiscing about where I started and how far I’ve come and how much I have learned about not only makeup, but life itself. Sometimes we do take for granted the things we have now, not remembering the days when we couldn’t even dream of them.

And for those who are just starting their career or passion in the beauty industry, just wait, you will have your time to shine.



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