Theatrical Makeup Setting Spray-Ben Nye Final Seal

Hi beautiful blogging buddies!!!

I decided to share with you one of my very special secrets-that may not really be secrets to people who are already familiar with this product…

Anyway, this product is the KEY to lasting makeup, no matter what climate you are in, no matter how long your makeup has been on, ANY AND EVERY SITUATION…your makeup will NOT budge…

I introduce to you…

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Ben Nye “Final Seal”

I have been using Ben Nye Final Seal for years. I learned about it from a YouTuber named Platinum D who I have also been watching for years. She is a MUA and who has her own makeup studio in Texas. She uses this for clients who have oily skin as it will tend to further dry out thirsty skin.

I have taken Final Seal to California, Orlando, New York, I have used it in Michigan weather, MY. MAKEUP. DOES. NOT. BUDGE. and I have very oily skin.

Ben Nye seems to have a heavier liquid formula than other setting sprays due to the fact that it is used to seal theatrical makeup, which needs to stand the test of time for shows, as well as the lighting and performance itself. However, should you purchase this, be warned that the spray bottle is not very good. It squirts instead of spritzes and just targets only certain parts of the face only where you sprayed. I always suggest putting this in a different bottle or changing the spray cap.

Unfortunately, the dance supply store that I used to be able to purchase Ben Nye products at, went out of business (shout out to Lynch’s in Dearborn, MI), so I had to start purchasing it on a site called Camera Ready Cosmetics which I highly recommend. I had zero hassle, and my shipment arrived before the expected time frame. I will purchase from this seller again.

All Ben Nye Final Seal products are the same price all around:

  • 1 OZ spray bottle: $8.00
  • 2 OZ Spray Bottle: $12.00
  • 8 OZ  Bottle (no spray cap): $25.00
  • 16 OZ Bottle (no spray cap) $38.00

Don’t be discouraged with the prices-a little goes a looooong way. That 1 oz spray bottle might be small, but it sure is mighty.

I highly suggest Ben Nye Final Seal finishing spray and hope you are encouraged to try it out! You won’t be sorry, friends!



5 thoughts on “Theatrical Makeup Setting Spray-Ben Nye Final Seal

    1. It is wonderful, It is definitely a “holy grail” product. It’s like having a mini stash of gold. I love it so much. There is also another theatrical makeup setting spray called Green Marble, I have some but have yet to use it. So that will be a review soon too, so stay tuned! 💕💋

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