Makeup Dumpster Diving?

Hey blogging buddies,

I was wondering about the makeup dumpster diving craze…Does anyone do this, know of someone who does, this or has watched videos on YouTube about it?

Dumpster Diving YouTube videos

I know what you’re thinking and no, I am not into it nor do I want to be. I am just interested in the thinking process behind the dumpster diving. I know you can sanitize the makeup, but I just don’t understand how you could put it on your face knowing strangers have used it.

I recently read an article about how dirty the tester items at the makeup store are. Check out this NBC article Beware store makeup samples that may harbor hidden bacteria the title says it all…

What are your thoughts, friends?

Let me know what you think.



4 thoughts on “Makeup Dumpster Diving?

    1. Oh my god I know right! I don’t use them either! Sometimes they find brand new stuff but seems like Ulta is getting smart about scraping out the shadows and emptying foundations so no one can use them. You have got to see these videos. It is nuts.

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