Travel Diary-Tales From A Solo Flyer NYC Edition

Tasting time


Being Read to filth, she clocked the lashes

Hi Beautiful Blogging Buddies!

I came, I saw, I conquered New York City and I’ve lived to tell the tale!!!

Initially, my friend from Florida and I planned to go to New York City to attend Beauty Con, however, we were a little lax in the planning process and Beauty Con one day passes, unfortunately, ended up selling out. We still decided to take a trip to New York to spend some “girls time” together and to see her family as well. The trip was awesome, and I am sad it is over!

So, my friend and I, obviously, were coming from two different ways, seeing that she is in Florida and I am in Michigan. This was the first time I’ve ever traveled alone so of course I was nervous…

Here is the travel diary of a solo passenger:

April 19, 2018:

I had planned on working from home in the morning and staying home all day and packing and going to bed at an unholy early hour in the morning so I could be completely rested and well for my departure-never worked out that way. I did my work from home and laid in bed for hours resting. I had been very tired and not very prepared for the trip mentally. For some reason, I have to make sure that I have mentally and physically prepared myself for a month or two before traveling, its just part of the mental process for me. So my “resting” kind of took up too much of the day, as well as running errands, and I ended up getting a super late start on packing. The clothing packing was pretty painless, it was just the issue of shoes, and coordinating outfits with my friend so we both had a dress outfit, a casual outfit , etc. The problem was the little things like makeup brushes, makeup, jewelry, accessories, etc. PLUS making sure to have camera chargers, phone charges and all of the electronics I wanted to bring along. I always pack a lot but its always to be “better safe than sorry” which, unfortunately, on too many trips I’ve made that mistake and ended up the “sorry one.”I feel too that when you pay attention to detail, even if you bring a lot of things, SOMEONE on the trip is going to end up needed something that you have, in my personal experience.

  • So, packing was a total bitch. It literally carried over into the next morning! I didn’t end up going to sleep until 12:30 am, I had to be up at 2:30 to shower, dress, and do a full face of makeup as well has hair extensions to be at the airport by 4:30 for my flight to take off at 6 am.
  • When I arrived at the airport, security was wrapped around the airport. It was a Friday morning and a lot of people tend to leave out early on that particular day of the week, so security was jam packed. I kept checking my phone to make sure I was going to be on time, and I was cutting it CLOSE.
  • I finally made it to the metal detector and realized only after I had done it, that I didn’t need to take my shoes off…..ugh. I got through security and took a seat to put my shoes on and organize my things such as license and boarding pass, when suddenly, I didn’t have them. I was freaking out!!! Eventually I found them at the bottom of my bag and went on my way to the restroom.
  • After I got out of the restroom I heard my zone was already in the process of boarding so I had to act quick!!! I went as fast as I could to my gate and made it just in time! Since I am a better safe than sorry girl, I did have a heavy carry on bag and it was a bit top heavy and fell on to a girls legs and I felt like an idiot!!! But, I still got on the plane just in time.
  • Luckily, I have an easy time sleeping on the plane, and trust me when I say, I passed out and didn’t wake up until we landed!!!
  • I got to Laguardia airport on time and had some time to kill since my friend’s flight, from Florida, was an hour and a half behind mine. I walked back and forth trying to find her gate when I came across a restaurant where I could sit and have a coffee for a bit while waiting. I ordered my coffee and asked if  I was able to pay cash because that is all I had on me. For some reason I always think to ONLY bring cash when I travel which isn’t always good. Some things do require a card only transaction, so make sure you have something with you as an alternative form of payment. It didn’t help that I had no form of card payment as I had a banking error and had no money on my debit card. I was able to muster up some change on my credit card to order a coffee and have a seat for a bit to kill some time.
  • After the restaurant, I went to try and find my friend’s gate. I had passed the same woman trying to get me to sign up for a Delta credit card like five times and I finally asked her where arrivals were so I could be waiting at her gate when she got in. Well turns out the woman led me to a door where I was OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE AIRPORT AND I WOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH TSA AGAIN TO GET BACK IN!!! I said F it and left my friend a message saying I was by the baggage carousel and she would have to meet me there.
  • I still had about 45 minutes to kill so I puttered around, went into the restroom and noticed that I could plug my curling iron in, so I proceeded to curl my weave, apply and touch up makeup and get nice and pretty for the arrival of my friend.
  • I got organized and she finally arrived. We took a $50 cab ride to our hotel on Wall Street, got organized and hit the town on a nice little shopping spree. We hit up a TJ Maxx, and the ELF store among other places we went, such as Eately and Hotel Chelsea-which I was dying to go to, just to feel the creative energy and vibes from the Victorian building where so many amazing artists have come and gone throughout the years.
  • We ate at a restaurant that was also a wine tasting event but we kind of chilled on the drinking as we had one to many at Eately.
  • We decided it was time to go back to the room and unpack, we went to sleep before 10 pm.



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