ELF Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault Swatches and Review

Hi beautiful blogging buddies!!!

Today, I will be sharing with you, my review of the ELF Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault lippies. I purchased these prior to getting my lip injections and have yet to actually use or review them. I did have them on my beauty shelf and I decided I would finally use them and give an honest review of what I thought (now that I have semi bigger and plumper lips).

The Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault comes with ten matte shade lip crayons.


You can purchase these on the ELF website for $35.00- I of course did NOT pay full price and waited for a promo code. Unless I need or want something really bad, like yesterday, I will pay full price, but on anything else I always look for a sale, promo code, or something similar to the item I want to buy.

Here are my swatches, please note I do have a slight tan from self tanning:


The colors from left to right / bottom to top are in the following shades:

  • Natural
  • Tea Rose
  • Rowdy Rouge
  • Mulberry Maven
  • Rich Red
  • Wine
  • Praline
  • Dash of Pink
  • Scarlet Night

I feel as though the lighter shade formulas seem to be more creamy and much smoother than the darker shades. However all in all they are all nice consistency, I just found the darker shades seemed to come out with a little more force and seem to be more drying than the lighter shades.

As for wear ability…these do not claim to be a lip stain or a liquid lipstick, therefore they are regular lipsticks in crayon applicators. They wear as a regular lipstick would and transfer on to drinks and skin much like a regular lipstick would. Frequent application is going to be needed to keep the color fresh throughout the day. I feel like many people are harsh on lip products now since liquid lipsticks have come out which have longer wear ability time. You have to understand the product you are purchasing BEFORE making assumptions or writing bad reviews about the product.

All in all, these are a definite win for me. You get ten different shades at a great price and given all the different shades it is a great set to have, it really offers every color you need and in a matte formula which is great. The set is also versatile due to the matte formula. For example, you can add a pop of gloss in the middle of your lip for a more glossy look. These are also great because they are in between the shape of a lip liner and a lipstick so you could also use them to line your lips.

There are so many looks you can turn out with this set, I highly encourage you to try this if you are in the market for some new lip products.

Definitely a 10/10 rating from me!!!

Featured image: 

  • Photographs in frames: Sable Starr & Debbie Harry (Blondie)
  • Frames from: Dollar Tree
  • Gold Holders with ELF Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault inside: Dollar Tree
  • Large Diamonds: Hobby Lobby

9 thoughts on “ELF Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault Swatches and Review

    1. I agree. They did A great job with this set. It was the same ELF packaging we are used to but with flare which is great because it’s special edition or A collection. They did great with this one! The color A are awesome too!

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