Adult Braces (Suck)

Hi beautiful beauty blogging buddies!

Yes, tis’ time for another personal experience story!!! Today, I thought I would enlighten you with my experience with ADULT BRACES!!!

First of all, you may be wondering why I decided to get braces as an adult in the first place, given that my teeth, from afar looked completely fine-that is until you got close that you would notice the overcrowding due to my wisdom teeth coming in full force.

I had let my wisdom teeth go a little too long and my teeth pushed together not only in the front causing some “pitting” with the two front chompers, but the bottom teeth as well. A tooth in the bottom front of my mouth had moved its self over on to the tooth next to it and, was nearly, completely covering its neighbor.

This overcrowding situation really started to get to me, especially when I would see people who had the same issue as me. I thought of how “unattractive” it looked and I wished so bad that my teeth could be perfect. I envied those who had beautiful, white, straight teeth so much!!! The whitening wasn’t my problem, I had used Crest White Strips for YEARS prior to the whole braces fiasco, so I was definitely good in that department.

I had always wanted to check into Invisalign, and by the time I got serious about changing my teeth I was way too old to ride on my parent’s dental insurance for orthodontic benefits. You see, most insurance plans allow a patient until they are 19 years old orthodontic care and after that it is all out of pocket expenses-at least that’s how my parent’s dental insurance was.

Since I was way past the benefit period, I knew I would have to pay out of pocket for all costs accrued with the process. I had went in 2012 to get a consultation and I was a perfect candidate for Invisalign, the only problem was…my wallet and bank account weren’t good candidates, what so ever. So, I continued to live with my bunched up teeth until I finally decided in 2015 I would try again and check out some prices.

I came across a highly recommended orthodontist in my area and I went in for a consultation-had the x-rays done, photos taken for the before and after pictures, a full exam…but again, money was too tight to be getting an Invisalign, and there was NO WAY I was going to be a brace face with rail road tracks on my teeth.

I asked if we could opt for a Hawley Retainer:

Image result for hawley retainersRelated image

The orthodontist was pretty much just like “Okay” half knowing that it wasn’t going to work at all, which it didn’t. I would faithfully go for my adjustments, hoping and praying I would see a difference, I tricked myself into believing that there was a change in my bite, but lets face it, there was no trace of change. The last time I had went in to have my retainer adjusted, I was assigned a tech with a very brash personality who pretty much told me “this isn’t going to work, you need braces.” I was pretty much bullied into going into the finance office to see if there way any way I could afford the rail road tracks I was dreading…of course I couldn’t and at that point, I raised hell. I had already paid a full $1,500 for the Hawley and there was no way I would let them get off that easy!!! I was pissed off, with every right to be! I stormed out of the office and by the time I had reached work I had a voicemail from the owner and head orthodontist of the practice apologizing for what had happened and offered to throw a set of braces on the bottom of my mouth for free. At first, I didn’t want to do it, at all. I didn’t know what it entailed, how long it would be and of course how I would look…finally, a coworker talked me into it and convinced me how great it was that he was offering to do this favor for me and how costly braces can be. Finally, I got the nerve to set up the appointment.

Please be warned, the following photos document my progress, so if you have any type of phobias about teeth, you might want to scroll down.


My first day with the braces on. Note the overcrowding.


Also, note the “pitting” of the two front teeth


So, my first day with the railroad tracks was going OK. I wasn’t in too much pain, it just felt like a nuisance…I didn’t realize the next few days would consist of yogurt and fear of scraping my top teeth with my bottom teeth since they were soooooo sensitive. I also started to feel an almost sandpaper-ish feeling in my bottom teeth as the one overlapping started to make its way to the correct position. I don’t know if it was because it was two different teeth that had never been fully exposed in the correct position and they felt almost…soft when they were shifting. I don’t know. All I can tell you is that it makes me cringe every time I think about it.


The cutting and irritation were a piss off as well. If you can tell from the photo above I used so much wax on my braces, due to the cutting, I would cover the whole bottom right with wax, every single day. My mouth felt absolutely disgusting, as I now had to carry around a tooth brush and dental picks where ever I went (and STILL do to this day). Food would ALWAYS be getting stuck and I would be scared and embarrassed to eat in public! Also, in the photo above, you can see they placed a “coil” where that large space is, and my tongue would constantly get stuck in the little spaces! It was becoming a nightmare. I was just waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel. Not only did they use coils, but they also used a “power chain” which consisted of weaving a chain like rubber band pattern into the brackets to help pull the teeth together after they had been spaced out.

All was going well and I was being treated aggressively, probably due to the fact that I wanted it done as quickly as possible, and because the orthodontist wanted me out of there quicker. I knew that day I had raised hell the whole office probably knew about it and word must have gotten back to the original orthodontist who gave me the Hawley, and I tried my best to avoid him like the plague. Both doctors had different days they were in the office closest to my house and I would only ask for the main doctor. That is until one day, I got stuck with the other doc I was avoiding. Good thing I was stuck with him because he GAVE ME TOP BRACES FOR FREE! I couldn’t say no of course, so he threw a set on the top and I was on my way.

Boy, I did NOT prepare myself for the shit I was about to put up with in terms of pain with these dual braces situation. I had thought the bottom was enough pain, and I was surely mistaken!

I could hardly eat anything! My teeth were so sensitive to even taking a deep breath I was in tears constantly! Not only did they hurt but I felt that I looked stupid as hell!!! It was during the summer and I honestly did not leave my house at all that summer. I was already depressed because my boyfriend was overseas, but then I had to feel ugly the whole summer…it was horrible. The only thing I was looking forward to was my trip to Florida that August and I made it my goal as well as the doctors to have the stupid braces off the week before I left, no matter how they looked.

Finally, prematurely, in August, I forced them to take my braces off. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I wasn’t going to spend my vacation looking and feeling like an idiot. I was advised not to, but I still did, and let me tell you I did not give a shit. My bottom teeth were fixed and my top looked better than they did, so when the suckers finally came off I was happy and I decided, to treat myself, I would get my teeth bleached professionally…which is a whole different can of worms for a whole different personal experience story time.

Finished Product:


So, in conclusion, I am truly glad I went through all of the pain, because I got a beautiful result and the price was definitely right. I would say if there is something you want to change that you have the means to change…I support it. I’ve done so with lips, eyebrows, teeth, eyelashes, hair, etc. Sometimes we need to do these things in order to get our groove back…just don’t go overboard my beauty buddies, you can’t reverse it!



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