Shop Miss A Liquid Lipstick Swatches

Hello beautiful beauty blogging buddies,

As requested I have swatched all of my liquid lipsticks from my Shop Miss A Haul as well as some other liquid lipsticks from Shop Miss A that I had bought prior to that shipment. All of the liquid lipsticks you see pictured are from the Shop Miss A AOA Studio line and each one cost only $1.

As for quality, I believe they are pretty good for the price point. They don’t immediately dry and aren’t hard to take off. However, I will say some of the different shades are transferable and wont last as long as a higher end product. When I went to wipe the swatches off my arm they seemed to get kind of crumbly, but wiped off easily. I honestly have only tried a VERY few of the shades so I don’t have a full review regarding how long they last on me, etc. I was thinking of doing a comparison between the Shop Miss A liquid lipsticks and the Ruby Kisses Liquid Lipsticks-so look for that in the future. Also, I do own many of the matte lipsticks from Shop Miss A that I will be swatching and reviewing as well so look for that too!

I apologize in advance for the lighting in my photos. I am currently working out the kinks to all of my set ups and lighting so I appreciate your patience with me as I am a new blogger!!! :-*

My personal collection (I do not own all of the shades)


Left to right:

  • VIP: 2211
  • LIKES: 20013
  • UNICORN: 2214
  • VANITY: 2217
  • FAB: 2014
  • COSMO: 2221
  • FOREVER: 2206
  • DIGITAL: 2212
  • VINTAGE: 2024
  • OBSESSED: 2035
  • FLEEK: 2031
  • BOUJEE: 2028
  • WORK IT: 2030
  • EXTRA: 2029
  • HYPE: 2025



Left to right

  • VIP
  • FAB



Left to right

All matte shades

  • HYPE

Hope you all enjoyed this and it encouraged you to try out Shop Miss A

Also, please note that I am NOT affiliated with Shop Miss A at all, I am just a fan who purchased all of these items with my own money.


6 thoughts on “Shop Miss A Liquid Lipstick Swatches

    1. YAAAAAAAS!!!!! I always go crazy on there OMG. I have so many things I go on there to specifically buy, that I know actually are good instead of buying a bunch of kinky stuff. I got my mom turned on to the AOA face primers and she acts like I gave her gold! She loves them so much!


      1. Lol That’s Cute your mom:)! I usually just buy polish& other nail accessories that’s my obsession Lol but I have wanted to try the mascaras,liner&see if they have glosses. I havnt been on it in awhile cus it’ll get me in trouble haha.

        Liked by 1 person

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