Chit Chat-Why aren’t you wearing makeup?

Hi my beautiful blogger friends!!!

I thought I would come on and post something really quickly regarding my lack of makeup looks as well as product reviews…Lately, I have been, again, plagued with cystic acne, all over my chin. I have tried many products to get rid of this issue or to stop the flare ups.

To be honest, I am very nervous as of lately to try anything else on my skin rather than the usual face washes and moisturizers, I even broke out into a major rash on my face and body over the weekend, very well due to the stress from health issues that have recently shown up, unexpectedly.

Unfortunately, I have been also ignoring makeup, as you know, from previous posts, since I have touched up my microbladed eyebrows and I have to let them heal.

I plan on making some requested posts in the next couple of days that I will be working on for some new content for you guys such as swatches, requested posts, outfits for NYC, travel tips, etc. I have a lot of exciting things coming up so just be patient with me! You all are wonderful! I am so happy to be apart of the blogging world!

Don’t forget to check out my giveaway! I will be posting a reminder in the following weeks ahead. Please feel free to share with other beauty bloggers, friends or family. This is my welcome gift to you! I can’t wait to see the looks you all come up with.

Talk to ya soon!!!



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