The Time I Met Bunny Meyer AKA grav3yardgirl

Hi beautiful bloggers!

Here is a story I can share with you that you will appreciate:

Every year my cousin and I take a trip to Disney World, last year we were there from May 13-May 18, staying at Coronado Springs resort. My cousin had been on Snapchat earlier that day and had told me that Bunny was also at Disney World and just had snapped the Epcot Center. We thought it would be interesting if we happen to run into her, but figured it probably wouldn’t happen…Disney is a big place…or so we thought.

It was one of the later nights the park was open during “magic hours,” we had just gotten done riding the “haunted mansion” and were walking out of Liberty Square to exit the park. I was sandwiched in between my cousin and friend who was also visiting the park with us. My cousin tapped me and whispered “Oh my God Mandy I think that’s Dogman (Bunny’s Boyfriend)!!! This caught the attention of a woman who was walking with them and she said “Hey Bunny, here are some more of your followers!” Bunny came over to us and said hello. She was so kind and willing to take a photo with us. She was so soft spoken and shy, she was so sweet. You could tell she didn’t mind taking photos with her supporters and did not in the least bit seem annoyed. I felt so stupid when I went to take my cell phone out to take a photo with her…I was literally shaking because I seen a “youtube celebrity” that I put the flashlight on instead of the camera and it was sooooooo bright and it was nearly pitch black outside. I was so embarrassed. Finally someone was able to get their camera out and Dogman snapped a picture of us with Bunny.


Left to right: Me, Chloe, Bunny, and Laida

Note the only one in the photo who doesn’t look horrible or have possessed eyes is Ms. Bunny.

We then said good bye and went on our way. We were so geeked that we got a chance to meet her and we were all pleasantly surprised how down to earth and kind she was. Even though the interaction was probably five minutes or less, Bunny seemed very humble and sweet. It is funny to see how outgoing she is on her YouTube channel grav3yardgirl.

What was also cool was looking back at her Snapchat stories and seeing that she was on a lot of the same attractions that we were on AT THE SAME TIME!!!

All in all, it was so great to meet Bunny and she was such a sweetheart.


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