Microblading Touch Up Video with Antonia!!!

Sunday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with my microblading specialist, Antonia, for my very first touch up.

We re-touched the initial microblading that was done over the permanent tattoo I had done in 2015. The tattoo had faded and the red hue to it was showing through the first microblading session work.

Two colors were mixed-a dark brown with a drop of ash to remove the undertone of the red/orange hue.

She then went over the hair strokes for a more defined natural look. I couldn’t be happier with the final product.

Please view the video for a sneak peek with us during the reveal as well as an explanation by Antonia herself as to what was completed during today’s session! Please enjoy!

See video below, this IS from my Snapchat (Ella_Eris) so please be mindful that the first few snaps are photos.


Also, if you are in the Southeastern Michigan area you, too, can book an appointment with the queen herself!



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