The Girl Behind Ella Eris

50 Questions and Answers About Me!!!

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1. Full name

Mandy Hudoka

2. Zodiac sign

Sagittarius-Born 12/14/1988

3. 3 fears

Sharks and Spiders!

4. 3 things I love

Thrift shopping, traveling, relaxing time at home

5. My best friend

My cousin Chloe, Chelsea “Cheech” and Laida

6. Last song I listened to

According to Spotify- “Soul to Squeeze” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

7. 3 Turn ons

Great sense of humor, someone who loves the same things as I do, someone who understands my sense of humor

8. 3 Turn offs

Liars, shady behavior

9. What colour underwear I’m wearing right now


10. How many tattoos/piercings do I have

Tattoo-Permanent makeup/microbladed eyebrows

Pierced ears

Once had navel piercing

11. The reason I started blogging

I am so influenced by beauty trends and fashions, I just wanted to be apart of that world in some way, some how. I wanted to meet other people who were like me, in all different avenues of makeup, whether it be low end, high end, etc. I just wanted a place where I can share my ideas, tricks and tips. Blogging was the best way I felt as though I could express myself and be apart of such a growing interest and industry. I also wanted to find something that could keep me busy, a hobby, that I actually enjoyed and I could use my creativity to influence others.

12. How I feel right now

I feel pretty good. I am hunkering down for the night and received good news on behalf of a health issue that was a concern. I am also excited as I am going to New York next week and California in 34 days!!!

13. Something I really really want

To feel fulfilled and happy

14. My current relationship status

Eight years strong (Sammy <3)

15. Meaning behind my URL

Ella Eris Beauty and Lifestyle-Ella Eris is the name of the up and coming company I have been working on launching, I made the name up in my head, kind of going off of Paris Hilton’s perfume “heiress” Ella just seemed like the perfect first name. I actually own the name Ella Eris, no one in the United States has this name so it is definitely unique and all mine!

16. My favorite movie

Sid and Nancy

17. My favorite song (s)

Under the Bridge-Red Hot Chili Peppers



Fool in the Rain-Led Zeppelin

LA Woman-The Doors

Love Her Madly-The Doors

What I’ve Got-Sublime


About A Girl-Nirvana

18. My favorite band (s)


Red Hot Chili Peppers


Led Zeppelin

The Doors

19. 3 Things that upset me

Liars, people thinking they know what is best for me, being judged

20. 3 Things that make me happy

Travel, shopping (thrifting too), crafting

21. What I find attractive in other people

Good teeth, lips, and facial structure (I guess….)

22. Someone I miss

My brother (passed in 2013)

23. Someone I love

My family, my boyfriend, my friends

24. My relationship with my parents

Good. We have a different dynamic since my brother passed almost five years ago. Being the only surviving child is a lot of responsibility, to help your parents to through hard times, to make sure you are always safe and to never worry or scare them and to be more considerate of their feelings.

25. My favourite holiday

Is Halloween a holiday? If not then I would say Thanksgiving. Its right before the Christmas rush and right as the leaves are about to stop falling- I love the crispness of that time of the year.

26. My closest blogging friend

I don’t have any…YET.

27. Someone famous I’d date

Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols in 1996

28. A confession

I have no confessions to make, I am an open book  24/7

29. 3 Things that annoy me easily

Heavy breathing, people who don’t listen to both sides in an argument, awkward hugging

30. My favorite animal

My kitty Lola

31. My pets

See above

32. One thing I’ve lied about

I’m actually not a liar and I cant keep secrets from anyone unless its a severe situation

33. Something that’s currently worrying me

Health issues I am dealing with

34. An embarrassing moment

When I met Bunny Meyer and I tried to turn on my camera but it accidentally turned on the flashlight and it was shining in her eyes in pitch black Disney World, near the Hall of Presidents.

35. Where I work

Medical Biller by day, blogger by night!

36. Something that’s constantly on my mind

Food. Period.

37. 3 Habits I have

Turning the music until I hear a song I want, picking up my phone constantly, giving into sugar cravings

38. My future goals

Staying alive

39. Something I fantasise about

Living in the Pacific North West or Southern California

40. My favourite store

Salvation Army and Falla’s (discount store)

41. My favourite food

Any kind of red meat

42. What I did yesterday

Got my eyebrows retouched (microblading) shot photos for a blog post, went to a few different stores looking for a computer keyboard, washed my bedding linens, had dinner with my honey.

43. Something I’m talented at

I am very creative with many things, I like to turn trash into treasure. I can look at something and think of something I can do with it completely out of the box.

44. My idea of the perfect date

Our favorite hotel, room service, a Jacuzzi bath tub and a good nights sleep.

45. My celebrity crush

Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols in 1996

46. My favourite blog

I have yet to dub one my favorite, they are all great

47. Number of kids I want

1 or 2

48. Do I smoke/drink

No smoking. Drink on occasion.

49. One word that describes me


50. My favourite quote

“I do not jump for joy, I frolic in doubt” -Katya Zamolodchikova

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did and you now have some insight as to my REAL identity! Hahaha!!! 🙂


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